There's just really no way to stop people from telling you what's happening on Twitter huh


Sorry sorry. Three years later and I'm still trying to cut back.


I have no account there anymore. I just need to get better about not reading any comments. I work so hard to forget the worst-of-the-worst *~*brand-builders*~* and then like an ass I read 1-2 comments and have to think about those same buffoons all over again. :o

Fedi stuff 

@Louisa Yeah (THE DRAMA IS HAPPENING THERE) oh.… sorry, didn't mean to (THEY'RE CANCELING EACH OTHER) …do that 😫

@Louisa My recommendation is: continue to post things like that, to raise the awareness.
Me such as, I stopped using crossposter, to leave things where they were written.
Right now I believe it’s better that way.

@Louisa There's just really no way to stop people from telling you what's happening on derpiburoo huh

@Louisa I had an account there for a day or 2. There was so much lumpy "chocolate milk", aka "Hershey Squirts", that I gave up on it.

@Louisa It's true.

I tell them what's happening on Mastodon, then it's a teachable moment.

@Louisa ... although sometimes it teaches them not to talk to me. :thonk:

@ddr kinda looks like you only check in on Mastodon every few months anyway

@Louisa Indeed. I wasn't on Twitter much before, and I'm not on Mastodon much now.

The mood comes and goes. I may have recommended Mastodon more often than I have used it at this point. 😅

@Louisa I literally just spent like 15 minutes trying to figure out this one thread on there someone linked, so confusing lol

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