Happy Valentine's Day, friends!!



Whether I've been single or not I've always thought of Valentine's Day as separate from romance, because telling people in a relationship "today's the day you feel romantic" is like picking one day to be everyone's birthday

So I hope you'll enjoy the love and friendship in your life today, and do something nice for a partner or yourself 💌

@Louisa to beeee honest I think this is the best interpretation of the holiday, the awakening or strengthening of love’s warmth in late winter, in your favorite spaces to be shared with folks regardless of romance

@Pawdraig a little candy, pink socks, sharing a valentine card meme, that's all you need

@Louisa I think we're celebrating the birthday or the death of Saint Valentine: the saint that married couples that were disapproved of by the Catholic church, and was tortured to death for it. a lot of people around here are lost in the sauce of government plutocracy and global capitalism to realize the Valentine's Day is really about.

@fukurouyoujo I saw your feed: are you really just going around and mansplaining Valentine's Day to anyone who mentions it? Lol

@Louisa Yes, because good people don't deserve to be lost in time. I'm sorry you feel so discredited throughout your own experiences that educating people is in some way offencive, and I do hope you come to terms with your personal situation.

@fukurouyoujo why did you assume I didn't already know the info you replied with?

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