Oh, now I gotta post to have people interact with me? These are the hidden costs they don't tell you about when you sign the Mastodon contract

@zenhob sometimes when I'm asleep no one talks to me at all!

@Louisa that's the deal. You gotta not sign the contract and just keep telling them "oh it slipped my mind, Ill get to it ASAP"

@Louisa lol :blobrofl:​ and its not that straight forward. I've run into what I call social landmines. Basically when I see a post that triggers my attention and decide to reply. Then boom I experience an explosion of social drama. Stuff like:
"You can't just barge into somebody elses conversation"
"Like who are you, why don't you introduce yourself first"
"Even thou this is a public area its not polite to lurk"

and sometimes I think some people are just venting that I get blocked in a form that just boggles me head.

@Louisa basically some people will hesitate to interact with you for a while, till I suppose they get to know you or something.

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