"I'm [ethnicity]. So as you can imagine, food is especially important to us." -literally everyone

@Louisa would love to meet someone who's like "eh, food, my people can take it or leave it, gruel's fine"

@velexiraptor @Louisa nah even they get all misty-eyed over stargazy pie or whatever

@maya @velexiraptor @jimpjorps a lot of British food, like a lot of American food, has become defined by brands and preserved ingredients and prepackaged things

But a lot of the dishes from before that are sound imo

@Louisa @velexiraptor @jimpjorps well, yeah. I mean, people say the same-ish things about Ireland but their dairy runs rings around 80% of what you can get in the US, so who knows what we're even comparing

@jimpjorps big family dinner where as a child I learned to develop a sense of my place in the world and the ways in which we show each other love? Nah

@Frinkeldoodle @Colophonscrawl "a particular quirk of ours is using liquids to stay hydrated"

@Louisa @Frinkeldoodle "Sometimes when we want to pull out all the stops, large numbers of us will get together and consume foods. I know, it's wacky, maybe a little out there, but we're a pretty colorful family."

@Colophonscrawl @Louisa @Frinkeldoodle “sometimes at gatherings, we also have music, especially if it’s a celebration. this may be hard for you foreigners to understand”

@Louisa Nationalist wars but instead fought over who culturally gets the most out of a shared loved of food

@radicalrobit you could have an international incident just based on who loves tomatoes the most

@Louisa Italy has the heart to win but they have the most pathetic army in European history so they'll never emerge victorious

@radicalrobit India are the up-and-comers in the tomato wars


imagining a Canadian saying this as they sit down to a mound of poutine, a rack of moose ribs, and a half pound bag of loose poppy seeds sold as a "Montreal style bagel."

@Aleums @jackdaw_ruiz @Louisa don't talk to me about """canadian""" good until you're mentionning petes des soeurs or poudding chaumeure

@Ophillous @Aleums @jackdaw_ruiz so many things I haven't tried, I also want one of those grilled donuts

@breakfastgolem @venko @setup @Aleums @jackdaw_ruiz @Louisa ok so like I done goofed with the second d but that's just pudding in french!!!


@setup @Aleums @breakfastgolem @venko @jackdaw_ruiz @Louisa french is also responsible for calling cotton candy daddy's beard

but on the real it, like most quebec slang/swears/jargon, it comes from a mix of reverance and irreverance for nuns and the catholic hierarchy

@cuttlefish @setup @Aleums @breakfastgolem @venko @jackdaw_ruiz @Louisa I'm going to be Quebecois soon so I have to start preemptively defending myself ok!!!!

@Ophillous @setup @Aleums @breakfastgolem @venko @jackdaw_ruiz I know les religieuses are little cream puffs, but I think they're from France

@shahaan @jackdaw_ruiz yes all of this is good

Are Nanaimo bars extremely sweet with that frosting in the middle? I've always wondered

@Louisa @shahaan @jackdaw_ruiz yeah they're pretty sweet, always a little more filling than i bargained for. Also messier

@LilyVers @Louisa @jackdaw_ruiz LOL I don’t doubt it! Honestly I’ve had it like, once in my entire life. And I’ve never had a beaver tail, but it looks... really greasy and... yeah, no thanks. 😅

@shahaan @Louisa @jackdaw_ruiz if you like fresh donuts you have no excuse not to try a beaver tail :p they're big flat donuts essentially

@LilyVers @Louisa @jackdaw_ruiz this is true! I just... I dunno I look at it and imagine my heart struggling to pump sugary, greasy sludge and it turns me off haha 😆

@LilyVers @Louisa @jackdaw_ruiz And don’t get me wrong, I love food! 🤤 Just not that one 😅

@Louisa @jackdaw_ruiz Not too sweet? I mean, it’s a dessert, but it’s custard in the middle, not frosting. Chocolate ganache on top and a wafer, nut and coconut crumb base.

@shahaan @jackdaw_ruiz ah HA, I had it described to me as frosting, this sounds reasonable

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