Good morning, it's my birthday, I would like to see pictures of your cats and dogs please

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@SanfordianPhil I like horses! These all look like some good boys and girls

@Louisa they are, but the horses get a little nibbly (they were very hungry when I met them)

@seafrog @Louisa lol yeah I meant to start using it for that but I forget alot

@Louisa And now Gracie keeping me company while I work. Purring like a truck

(Btw happy birthday!)

@Louisa happy birthday louisa!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚

@Louisa happy birthday! Tucker lives with my parents but I like to pretend that he wishes he lived with me

@Louisa he's contemplating how long it will be until his next snack

@Louisa happy birthday, here is Shankly flopped onto his face last night, this is a normal way for a cat, or anyone, to sleep

@Louisa happy birthday! This isn’t my cat, but I get visitation rights occasionally.

@Louisa I have a bun, but happy birthday Louisa, I’m glad you were born πŸŽ‰

@neoncoughh thank you Sarah!! I had a house rabbit when I was a kid, he was litter trained and he liked to sleep on the vent in my room, completely blocking the heat or AC 😁

@Louisa hehehe that sounds like a bun! β€œGimme this vent!” ☺️

Hope you have a great day πŸ’•

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