If you're a regular wine drinker how do you hide the way you get a full-body shudder and goosebumps from how bad it tastes when you take a sip

I can drink cough syrup and show less involuntary disgust

@hope this is what everyone tells me before they hand me a glass of red turpentine

@Louisa look I wont pretend wine is a universal taste if you wont pretend its universally gross :party_face_ms:





@flowless I'm 40 and I only know what lean is because my 31 year old teacher friend learned about it from his high school students, so I have a very tenuous connection to cool

@Louisa @flowless I knew what lean was before my students referenced it and now I’m not sure what this says about my job performance

@Louisa well it helps that I also think a good coffee can be drank black so that should give you an idea

@Louisa my friend @Gizmo goes to wine tastings and such, and even tho I mostly tolerate wine she has introduced me to lots of tasty beverages that are technically wine

@zenhob @Gizmo I believe people like it but there's never a time that I take a sip and it isn't an ordeal

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