I like my Keurig 


A lot of people continue to tell me it's easy and barely takes any time to: grind coffee, measure it, add it to a coffee maker's filter, add water and brew it... to get my one cup of coffee

Ok boomer

@fdgonthier I thought it was kind of a gimmick when I got one as a gift, but I use it every single day

@Louisa It's great when you have, like, one coffee a day. I would get prohibitive for large consumers like me.

@fdgonthier I like the taste (of the light roasts), but I'm not susceptible to caffeine so I just have one usually, two gives me a stomachache

@Louisa Yeah I understand. I used to have *DARK* coffee all the time in my "youth". In time, my stomach has taught me to appreciate the lighter roast that I can have a strong as I can make without causing heartburn.

@fdgonthier coffee, tea, chai, I'm just looking for a little flavor

@Louisa A definite advantage of the Keurig pods: I make a pot a day and it'll taste the same until the end. I bet I would appreciate being able to vary over a day.

@Louisa Ah, no. Hard pass for me on this. That is a gimmick for me!

I'd rather have different kind of grains. I probably like the taste of coffee more than you though.

@Louisa i dunno if recycling is working anymore but by the time global infrastructure collapses you won't need such a tight schedule anyway.

@amphetamine I can do without coffee, caffeine doesn't affect me anyway

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