Toot! v1.10 has been released!

It's been quiet a while because I've been dealing with a lot of life, but finally, v1.10 is here! This release is mainly focused on accessibility, which I've been neglecting so far. This version makes a bunch of improvements to that on the main screens of the app, if you have iOS 13. It's not perfect yet, but I hope to do a few more accessibility-related releases in the future if I get some good feedback on what needs doing!

Toot! v1.10.1 has also been released.

This fixes a really, really bad bug Apple introduced in the latest Xcode that made anything that uses a text box crash on anything but iOS 13.2. Expect other apps released around today to also crash and get rushed updates!

It also makes it so you can't accidentally dismiss the posting panel by swiping it away if you have entered anything.

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@gcupc @tootapp I just did, yes, and look at me replying! 😁😁😁

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