Y'all like podcasts? Come listen to me talk about Myst, Jeff @jk talk about Star Wars yet again, and Matt @mattherron absolutely lose his shit over the concept of Walton Goggins

If you want to download this episode to find out what I sound like and then delete it 5 minutes in,,,,, hey that download still spends like cash is all I'm sayin

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@larrydavis @jk @mattherron I said on the podcast, and I maintain, he looks like if you had a handsome man in a character generator and pushed just a couple of the sliders too far

@Louisa @jk @mattherron
yeah he looks like if you took a real Leading Man type and then hit Similar Face 3-4 times

@larrydavis @Louisa @jk The important point, which I make on the podcast, is that somehow he looks exactly like a person named Walton Goggins, which is the greatest called shot in all of baby naming history.

@Louisa @jk @mattherron Before I listen, will Matt be canceled again for not acknowledging Walton Goggins as one of the greatest living actors

@mattherron @Louisa @jk it was the "cheesesteaks are bad" take for which I still haven't forgiven you, nor should anyone else

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