A little protip for you from a woman: if a guy wants you to listen to a song, tell him he has to listen to a song you recommend in exchange, he'll stop pestering you with songs real fast


pretty good indicator or their perspective in general if a person isn't willing to reciprocate like that

@Louisa hm I do you think that works with podcasts too?

@Louisa @zenhob what's next though? what about movies? what if he insists you watch a Tarantino movie?

how many movies like Die Klavierspielerin are there ?

@meena @zenhob if a guy insists I watch a movie, he has to watch it with me, and then we can both watch a movie I pick, I'm ok with that

@Louisa this is an extremely good idea i wish past me had known

@Louisa this is reminding me of me in high school pestering people with my shit music taste

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