If you say "wow, remember THIS?! I feel so old" and it's something only as far back as when I was in high school, I get to shoot you out of a cannon

@Louisa Back when I was whippier and snappier I worked with a guy who'd tell various personal war stories. I'd answer "Oh yeah, I remember that."


"We studied that in school."

After the first few times, he'd start to visibly cringe during that beat....

He's having his revenge now. It's been done to me.

@Louisa If you say "Oh yeah I was really into [thing] when I was a kid" and it turns out you're like 19 years old, I get to shoot you out of a cannon

@Louisa @ItsTheManOnTheMoon Remember the Nintendo Direct where they announced Sans Undertale? I feel So OLD!

@Louisa @ItsTheManOnTheMoon my favorite album from high school definitely did not have its 25th anniversary this year

@BDA @ItsTheManOnTheMoon I definitely don't have any friends here who were born after I graduated

@Louisa if you say anything, I get to shoot you out of a cannon

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