What's your favorite song from the year you were born

honorable mention 

honorable mention 

@Louisa oh i thought this was favorite album lol

@Louisa hazy shade of winter tho i guess technically that came out in 87 is was in the top 100 in 88

@Louisa My birth year was mostly pretty dire in terms of music; pretty much everything was horrible boomer crap. The one popular song from that year I can say I actually like would be "Space Oddity", by David Bowie.

Runners up, which I can tolerate: "The World Is a Ghetto" by War, "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)" by the Blue Ridge Rangers, and "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye.

@gcupc yay, Space Oddity is so musically important and Let's Get it On is SO fun to sing 😁

@Louisa I'm not sure if it counts, charted on re-release in 1973, but I just found it was originally released as a single in 1969 πŸ€” And Rebel Rebel came out a bit too late, in early 1974...

@gcupc @Louisa ahhh because I'm too lazy to fire up iTunes and search by year, and because I can't pick any one song from Zappa's Apostrophe/Overnite Sensation, I'm gonna latch onto Rebel Rebel for sure

@Louisa can't find a lot of good 94 songs so like. probably something off the lion king soundtrack?

@em lemme tell ya, I had that soundtrack memorized

@Louisa i'm surprised it came out the year i was born bc it was my favourite movie when i was like, 3-4 i guess? like there must have been newer disney movies by then

@em I feel like kids really latch on to a particular movie somehow

@Louisa yeah def. i guess my sister's fav was Aristocats and that came out looong before she was born so. maybe it's just whichever movie has the kind of animal you like

@Louisa @em for me, it was which vhs tapes we had. that's why my main disney movies were lion king & Aladdin

@dirt @Louisa my dad was kind of the neighborhood VHS collector so we had a lot of them...

@dirt @Louisa we had a lot of VHSes but it really took off after DVDs started, he got a player real fast... then we'd rent stuff at the video store every weekend and he'd always burn copies for his collection before we returned them

@em @Louisa Clearly, "Shoop" by Salt-n-Pepa was the best song of 1994. Runner-up: Linger by the Cranberries.

@Louisa Debaser by the Pixies. I'm just arbitrarily selecting a song from a very good album

@lennie I LOVED that video as a kid, that shimmery perfect St. Leon

@Louisa I think Love My way by the Psychadelic Furs (1982)

@Louisa I think so! I had to browse a bit because I'm bad with dates, but I like that song a lot.

@Louisa "Road to Nowhere" by Talking Heads, maybe? "How Soon Is Now?" sort of came out in 1984 so it technically doesn't count or it would be that

@Pixley my parents listened to a lot of The Smiths so I have a soft spot

@Louisa oh dip, Talking Heads didn't release any new material in 1984 so I'm going to have to put some thought into this

@tessaracked I feel you, I couldn't get any good Eagles pulls from 78!

@Louisa just checked wikipedia's article on the billboard top 100 for 1981 and i don't like any of these songs (aside from "don't stand so close to me" which is really a 1980 song)

@Louisa i just remembered that king crimson's "discipline" came out in 1981 so i'm definitely going with discipline (the song and the album as a whole)

@Louisa 84 was an amazing year for music! The joke answer is the theme from Beverly Hills Cop, but I think I'll say I Will Dare by The Replacements. If it were 'album' I'd say Purple Rain

@Thomas I like it, it's fun to talk about! That BHC theme is unironically excellent

@Louisa it is! There really are a ton of amazing tunes from 84

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