Etsy, 2005: "Hey, independent artists and makers, here's a platform for selling your shit that's specifically tailored to help people find your small-scale output"

Etsy, 2015: "We're going to let people sell mass-manufactured Chinese crap. You can always lower your prices to compete. Hope you don't mind!"

Etsy, 2019: "Shipping costs? Fuck you! Ship for free or we bury your listings, you piece of garbage. You shitstain. Why do we even let you sell anything here"


@ItsTheManOnTheMoon I had a friend whose account got deleted by Etsy because she complained about the factory resellers twice, and they said she was being disrespectful to the community with her constant call-outs ಠ_ಠ

@Louisa @ItsTheManOnTheMoon

I guess Craig's List is the closest thing there is to an open-source etsy, and it's not in any way up to scratch. :/

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