Some of you still check Twitter and it shows

If you tell me "I need to check it because ____" I'll stab you with a fork, no you don't

@Louisa but I tweet angry things about capitalism from behind an anonymous identity, where else could I do that

@Louisa I need more friends on here, you and @jeff are all I have

@SkirkLee @jeff jump in convos with me! Also is broken currently, it's @jk@mastodon@cloud at the moment

@SkirkLee oh I see what happened, ok here we go, this time for sure: @jk

@SkirkLee @Louisa @jeff I followed you, bc thats too sad

Also, if Lou vouches for you, thats good enough for me

@Louisa it's my favorite place to tell facebook to shut the fuck up

@Louisa All my friends are on Twitter. I don't really have a choice. If I abandon Twitter, I abandon all social interaction.

@Louisa @linuxfiend strong same, and I gotta say, with very few exceptions the QUALITY of my friendships here are better

@ItsJenNotGabby @Louisa @linuxfiend

Yeah, it's a terrible place, but OTOH I don't think it's any more ethical to use our horrible local paper for local news (like any of those things are still locally owned). Plus, every site sucks at dealing w/spammers and trolls. So it's bad to read the comments regardless of where you are. :/

@xenophora @Louisa @linuxfiend this is very "everything sucks so might as well not make an attempt to change it. Welp. " to me. Which is,,,fine, I guess, but ties into the Guardian article I just boosted but also discourages people from walking away from things and working to create better communities like Masto.

Is Masto perfect? Not by a longshot

Is Masto significantly better than Twitter for lots of us? Unequivocal yes

@ItsJenNotGabby @Louisa @linuxfiend

Well, I don't have an account there anymore. So the bulk of my creative energy is here and on ipernity.

I can't do anything about the people who opted not to come along from there (or diqus, or Medium, or tumblr... all of which I've also dumped). It's their decision, ultimately. (Same with the smaller news services.) It'd be nice but you can't make them.

@ItsJenNotGabby @Louisa @linuxfiend

Oh, and I plug .Art to my artist pals constantly. But they don't pay any attention to me. They're happy w/instagram & FB, neither of which I've ever used. (Blecchh!!)

@ItsJenNotGabby @xenophora @linuxfiend yes! Mastodon really made me realize I have a lot more choice over how social media interactions can be than I thought

@Louisa @ItsJenNotGabby @linuxfiend

I guess b/c of sloppy phrasing I made it sound like I find this place as bad as the others....? :o

Given how much I post most days hopefully people can tell that's not the case. :D

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