A true Mastodon friendship is both worrying that you're replying to the other person too much

The BFF necklaces have one half that says "Geez sorry I'm replying a lot today" and one that says "Haha sorry I promise I'll leave you alone now"


is it ok if I fave this one? I was thinking of boosting too, if it's no trouble

@Louisa honestly I don’t think I reply to you enough. Also hiiii Louisa

@swamp @Louisa ahahhahaa yes you did. never stop talking to me i love you TONS. i never get enough of you ky!!!


Lmfaooo the SAME goes for you too!!! I demand that you always blow my notifications up!! And I love you moreeee!!!

@Louisa dunno whether to feel reassured it's not just me or to feel called out

@Louisa cool imma leave my reply box open and untouched until i worry it's been to long to respond

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