Edgar Allan Poe: this story's about a guy with a tortured soul

EAP's friend: again, huh

Poe: he thinks he sees a harbinger of evil, a demon sent to curse him for his wickedness!

EAP's friend: it real

Poe: turns out it's a shadow or a stray dog or like, a spooky looking hat

EAP's friend: does it drive him ma--

Poe: it drives him mad

EAP: what about one where there IS a real demon

Edgar, not listening: crows are cool

@Red EAP's friend: what if this one is just a fun misunderstanding

Poe: what if everyone dies of the plague

@Louisa wait wasn't there one where it was like a bug on the window?

@selfsame YES!!! I read it twice in a row because I was sure I missed something, it's so ridiculous

@Louisa i hope to gosh that the "spooky looking hat" example is real

@lukesci I wish! Although there's one with a bug on a window that the protagonist thinks is a huge beast on a distant mountainside

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