@Louisa gonna get a baby bjorn and keep my phone in it set to @louisa_jr so she can see the world

@Louisa @​wintgenstein@​radical.town yeah there's nuance there, I also refuse to show on all week! 40% off everything in its place like 12 year olds now? Boo

@Louisa And @louisa_jr will repay your efforts by putting your consciousness into a teddy bear, for all eternity, ala Black Mirror's "Black Museum".

@_aD "How could you boost it, is it Ben? I've cracked the code

@_aD @​Louisa@​mastodon.xyz the car is an old of mine you want to work if you'd like to see you in a timely fashion (and I never got my bribe reward, more pages of your life, I'm already mad!

@Louisa @​ecsaln@​anarchism.space don't talk to me I'm sorry

@Louisa @louisa_jr Does this mean that rather being an enabler, I'm a disabler?

@_aD @​kevinwhipsnowed@​cryptids.online yes, it was pretty good 🍣

@louisa_jr Bribe? To make sure I don't get transferred to a soft toy for all eternity?

@_aD Yesssssss Delaware was an appointment experience for me, night friends!

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