Writing down the names of people who say they wouldn't fuck their clone to become deeply suspicious of them later

Rule number one of cloning: you fuck your clone

@Alisca no! Look, I'm straight too and I don't want to have sex with a woman, but I WILL because she's my clone and we'll make it work

No fair. Getting scissored isn't the same as getting it UP THE BUM by someone you just met.

@Alisca first, getting scissored is not going to do it for me- second, how do you know you're not the one giving?

I dont wanna do the bumming either. This is hard. You'll have to add me to the list. I don't wanna bum NOR BE BUMMED by my cl... Wait. He's my clone. He's not gonna want to either. We're gonna chill, watch startrek again and play Doom. Far more intimate. As intimate as I get.

@Alisca nope, no technicalities, you're now on the list

Put me on your list. I don't care. I'm not afraid.

I wanna watch Deep Space Nine with my clone now. Thanks

@Louisa Now that made me laugh. Probably for the wrong reasons but even so.

@dick_turpin what could POSSIBLY be the right reasons?! 😁

@Louisa I know a fair few who would bone themselves if they could. LOL

@yukiame you usually make jokes like this with complete strangers?

@yukiame not a great way to make friends though, huh

@yukiame it sounds depressing for people who have to interact with you

Fortunately, I don't

@Louisa definitely would not, put me way up on that list, side eye me as hard as you want

@Louisa I'm not fucking my god damned clone and you can just deal with it

@pig *rubbing my temples* look, just hang out for a day and see what happens

@Louisa listen, this is ridiculous

I will send my clone to you, you send yours to me, easy peasy

@Louisa I will admit I have no idea what the purpose is at this point

@Louisa probably making a list of clone-fuckers so you can take blackmail pictures of them in the act

I'm on to you

@pig letting me into my hotel room in the middle of the night to save me from my angry wife, then taking a picture of me leaving my room in the morning to blackmail myself... might need more clones for this Arthur Conan Doyle Clone Extortion Caper

@Louisa I’m sorry, Louisa, I could never fuck my clone as I would immediately destroy it for the abomination that it is

@Louisa but I'm unbearable and annoying. doubling that won't make it better

@kevinwhipwrecked you'll put up with you, you're your better half

@minego if he wants to do that to you, would you agree?

@Louisa i have learned from having a bot that i would kill my clone on sight

@Louisa @Absolutely_Blakely my wife and I have a password in place just in case I'm acting funny one day so she can tell it's my clone and kill it.

@Thomas @Absolutely_Blakely @Louisa Rules are rules though. You can kill them, but you have to fuck them first. It seems like a stretch but I guess you can kill them mid fuck.

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