ASMR but it's just me making fun of you and laughing derisively while you try to put together an IKEA chest of drawers

@Louisa you turned into a lifestyle domme so gradually I barely noticed

@Louisa "if that's how you handle an Allen wrench, I shudder to think you handle your…other tools"

@Louisa we'll update Cyrano where I tell you what to say to berate dudes who are into that, but instead of them falling for me, we'll just make a bunch of money

@pig and we'll find out the true findomming was the friends we made along the way

@Louisa I've left behind my most shameful IKEA fuckups but do have a crate that I can't finish assembling because we can't find a phillips head screwdriver in the house.

@caprimoon get 👏🏻 that 👏🏻 screwdriver! 👏🏻 😁

@Louisa i'm probably gonna do my usual "buy a new thing when you can't find the old one, then immediately find the old one" move

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