If you're interacting with retail/food servce in the next 2 days you're going to ask for things with "please" and accept them with a warm smile and eye contact and a "thank you so much", and you're going to touch/move things at little as possible, and you're going to tip at least 30%

Common human decency 

Common human decency 

@Louisa @ShugoWah While I do agree with this, let’s not forget that people working the holidays sometimes volunteer to work those shifts, for overtime. Unless you’re implying that most workers are stuck working holidays in businesses that are open year round, and get no benefit or vacation days.

@kode54 in my experience, that's exactly the case — they don't have a choice as to whether they're off for the holidays and they sure as hell aren't being compensated for it outside normal hourly pay. "Sometimes" volunteers isn't enough. *Most* holiday workers *are* stuck working when they'd gladly rather be at home with family over the holidays, like anyone else.

@Prower @kode54 Sakuramori is right, and whether workers get the shifts they want or not, every hour of work in December is far more grueling than any other time of year and being extra nice is easy and kind. I've been in retail 20 years myself 😁

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