A coworker just arrived and we both said

"How are you?"

in perfect unison, so now I have to quit

@r00t I'm just going to abandon everything and walk into the woods

@Louisa I entertain the thought of walking to, and then into the sea daily. So peaceful.

@r00t no! Live in a lighthouse instead, that sounds wonderful

@Louisa oh god, that sounds amazing. you can come visit and move the light around!

@Slipperywerm @Louisa a cabin would be nice! i've helped build them before, but it's been yeeeeears. :)

@r00t @Louisa I love joking about anprim because it's dumb as shit. But I'm always one or two days away from saying fuck it and trying.

@Louisa You both need to fight to the death now and the winner gets a promotion

@Louisa is this that 'synergy' thing middle managers keep babbling about? :thaenkin:

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