Holy shit, I forgot how much I DELIGHTED myself with the idea that the brain meme could just hold consecutive, unrelated thoughts

@Louisa dang I never know what people like here

please tell me if you think the Black Panther is T'Challa's fursona

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@Louisa my fursona isnt a blue wolf with long hair 😤

@Pixley as a kid my family called it egg-in-a-frame, I still love it 🍳

@Louisa yeah but have you made it with a grilled cheese sandwich instead of a single piece of toast, is the thing, because I didn't know that was an option until a week ago

@Louisa hell yeah, but also I am so mad that I missed out on this for my whole life, why would you not tell everyone about this sandwich every day of your life

@Pixley I thought everyone knew! Do you know this one: make a grilled cheese with melty cheeses inside the sandwich and butter the outside, then coat it with parmesan or a hard grated cheese, which will crisp up into the most wonderful crunchy coating (frico)

@Louisa I remember getting into an argument with someone and they posted a total douchebag rant that I put into the Galaxy brain format and I thought it was the funniest shit lol

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