Waluigi's dick looks like a crinkle cut french fry, and you can take that to the bank

@Louisa what’s the exchange rate for Wailuigi’s dick? Does it have to be a specific bank? Do I have to sign his dick and write my account number on it?

@lilgreenfriend unfortunately you can only exchange it for Poison Shrooms, it's a bad system


at the bank -- the teller said i need two forms of verification to prove this and then waggled their eyebrows so dramatically that i felt a gentle breeze.

tired of our economic system rewarding the haves (pictures of Waluigi's dick) over the havenots (any pictures of Waluigi's dick).

@jackdaw_ruiz when will the revolution bring us REDISTRIBUTION 👏🏻 OF 👏🏻 WALUIGI 👏🏻 DICK 👏🏻 PICS 👏🏻

@Louisa why would you bring this back. Why would you put this on my TL for me to read when I'm taking a sip of tea.

@Louisa wtf Louisa 😂😂😂

Also, I can't believe I missed this before

@ItsJenNotGabby @Louisa I know exactly how I missed it, but it hasn’t stopped me from thinking “thanks, I hate it”

@nsmckinnon @ItsJenNotGabby you're going to have to forgive me for that, eating them was punishment enough

@Louisa @ItsJenNotGabby oh NO

even at my most skeptical I held out tiny hopes that they’d be good

@nsmckinnon @ItsJenNotGabby they were fine, roasting added nothing but a slightly leathery surface though

@Louisa @ItsJenNotGabby leathery avocados

cursed phrase, can’t even make a good band name out of that

@Louisa do I still hate this?


yes. But somehow less than I thought I would.

@ItsJenNotGabby somehow @pig is finding all the oldest stuff of mine that anyone ever liked, so here it comes again 😁

@SanfordianPhil @Louisa the TL: "toot anything Louisa :3"

Louisa, boosting toots about Waluigi's dick and roasting avocados: "THEN PERISH"














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@nsmckinnon @SanfordianPhil *whispering* watch this, Phil

Uh Noah did you know you can make pudding by mixing avocado with cocoa powder and sugar

@Louisa @SanfordianPhil yes, I did, and given what they're made of, THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE

so does baking them into brownies, which you can also do with a few more ingredients

what you cannot do is roast a plain avocado

@SanfordianPhil @Louisa @nsmckinnon

Like, getting Jeffrey Ross to tell some offensive, yet vaguely affectionate jokes about the avacado?

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