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1st day on Mastodon: hi everyone, I'm interested in art, architecture, and cat pics!! 😊

3rd day on Mastodon: gonna find bigfoot and fuck him

My one leg muscle (adductor, I'm guessing) hasn't stopped hurting since Sunday, the annoying thing is it's ok when I move it but if I rest for even a few minutes then moving it hurts all over again

I feel bad deleting some of my Switch friends but if I don't remember who you are and the only info I have is "Dr. Raspberry" with a picture of Kirby, I'm sending you to a Nintendo farm upstate

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1) this game is as good as I remember, and I remember it VERY well
2) the updated graphics are perfect, like a little diorama
3) Link screams in a real human voice when he falls in a hole

20 minute download! I guess I WILL take a shower, you win again self-care

I've had a rough day in the ol brain department so the game that wins is Link's Awakening, goose game will be for the future

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That thread of Grace's I just boosted is a work of art

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Finally has come, like a meteor blazing across the sky, to kill me

Teasing, don't get mad at me 

No luck! I'm not going to read your olive oil advertorial if I don't get $1 off a rotisserie chicken

Wegman's Fall 2019 Mailer: as the sun sets over Tuscan fields, turning the red earth a rich rosy pink, thoughts turn to--

Me, slapping the imaginary reader across the face: SHUT UP ARE THERE COUPONS IN HERE

One thing I miss from Twitter was that the medieval deaths bot was an autoreplier, and its threads were always so funny

Bot: "John Doe, died when his bed burned, age 12"

Person: "aww that's sad"

Bot: @ Person "you fell into a river and drowned"

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As far as i know, earth wind and fire has this one day, and they ought to be remembered

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