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no one should ever be younger than I am, I'll just die as quickly as possible through bad decisions

Jim Steinman Songs: For When You Hate Musical Theater But Kind of Love Musical Theater

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i think the ultimate personality test is what type of cake you would ask me to make for your birthday

I joined Mastodon in... *checks notes* December 2017 what the fuck

I didn't use it until August 2018 though

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u ever notice how all the game of Thrones character names are almost like regular names:

jon = john
arya = daria
bran = brian
bronn = brian
brienne = brian
daenerys = darnice
melissandre = melissa/andre
tyrion = tyrone
ned = jed
jaime = jamie
catelyn = kathleen
cersei = sissy
jorah = jormo
sansa = santa
sandor = santa
robb = robbb
theon = the onion
joffrey = jeffley
littlefinger = laura ingrahams
gargron = garfield
samwell = sam goody
stannis = janice
jeor = eeyore
varys = daenerys


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everyone in the internet should follow the golden rule: please dont hurt my feelings im soft

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Hellboy is well known for his Right Hand of Doom, and less so for his Helbows

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Everyone has to be nice to me now, I had to deal with Anime Creeps

@Louisa turns out, pictures of feet? No creeps

Saying the words "toe rings"? Creeps

How many toe rings is it acceptable to wear at once

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Noticing a worrying trend on here where people that make funny posts are also physically attractive. Just want to let you know that's not allowed and you only get to pick one you selfish fucks.

The Assassination of Louisa's Ability to Post by the Coward Having to Train a New Employee

@Louisa holy shit I don't remember any of this now, dream journals are important

Mastodon is my dream journal

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@Louisa @laser @Pixley ok can i be honest? if we crowdsource the information and just throw out ideas we can workshop a timeline... let me start watching them

If you want to listen to my dumb podcast it's called Hack the Net thank you I love you

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