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If you make a post inspired by one of my posts, I steal a piece of your soul and grow stronger

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Thinking about a new kind of guy, a cool female guy, and it's me

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Nice lily you got there

Sure would be a shame if someone,,,,,,,

g i l d e d i t

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Waluigi's dick looks like a crinkle cut french fry, and you can take that to the bank

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1st day on Mastodon: hi everyone, I'm interested in art, architecture, and cat pics!! 😊

3rd day on Mastodon: gonna find bigfoot and fuck him

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my only job is to eat some mother FUCKING french fries

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It's 5/10, hope you "half" a nice day! 😆 from your pal Blue

Taxes ⚰️ 

Fuck 👏 you 👏 H&R Block 👏

This year they introduced "we've added this credit!" -> "you can't add this credit without upgrading to the $59.99 version" bullshit, and they do not make it easy to remove that credit lemme tell ya

But hey, state filing is free with them and not TurboTax (last I checked)
so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Before that though, gotta fuel up of course

My ideal meal is a lot of different bites

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It's with a heavy heart that I must announce it's taxes-doing day

My age doesn't change, I only exist in the hell dimension, but it's my younger brother's birthday today and him getting older is an affront


Steak and avocado salad

Sometimes you just kind of make a vinaigrette and put it on chunks of stuff, don't you

This time it's avocado, shallot, cherry tomatoes and bleu cheese crumbles

Update: I'm making a cake, those 6" cake pans were a great purchase

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I do have a box of yellow cake mix, my dirty little secret is liking cake mix even though I don't think it's good, it's the pure nostalgia of friend's birthday parties (my mother would not buy it)

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Eating 5 lbs. of gummi bears right before I get murdered, to really give the coroner something to talk about at cocktail parties

Me yesterday: made a cake to give away, check, all done

Me today: ........but where's MY cake

I have delivered the cake, hugged, mumbled noncommittally about calling her if I need anything once I get my second covid shot; the mother's day ritual is complete

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you should dial it back didn't work, Alexa play Despacito

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Me, falling asleep: I guess it's sleep time for real

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Lemon pound cake recipe 

In case you'd like to make one, it's easy with a food processor or blender— also delicious with any other citrus fruit or just plain

The recipe uses the zest from 2 lemons but just 2 teaspoons of juice— so I've always juiced both lemons and mixed the extra juice with sugar (I eyeball about 5 tablespoons) to make a thin syrup that I brush on the top and sides to enhance the lemon flavor

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