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Thinking about a new kind of guy, a cool female guy, and it's me

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Nice lily you got there

Sure would be a shame if someone,,,,,,,

g i l d e d i t

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Waluigi's dick looks like a crinkle cut french fry, and you can take that to the bank

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1st day on Mastodon: hi everyone, I'm interested in art, architecture, and cat pics!! 😊

3rd day on Mastodon: gonna find bigfoot and fuck him

Y'ALL, the @lnpgaceta games tonight were nuts

Being an Ingenieros fan is a lesson in humility

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" Your host node is experiencing a connectivity error and our engineering team is investigating the issue in additional detail. "

hello: psa to toomanycooks users - my vps provider is reporting issues so this isn't something i can fix right now, thank you for understanding

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Calling out around the world
are you ready for a brand new beat?
Winter's here and the time is right
For screamin' in my street

LB: join me on toomanycooks, become increasingly horrified at how few vegetables I eat

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hey BTW I run a cooking themed instance and I'm @mdszy

feel free to request an account if you like cooking

we have a huge character limit and also posts automatically get a food cw when they federate so you don't have to worry about putting the cw in

(I'd just ask that folks not request an account just to shitpost with or anything lol, it's a quiet little instance and I like to keep it chill like that, hope you'll understand, love yall ❤️)

Seeing the photo avi of a woman I don't know: please, let me bask in the wit and wisdom of your posts

Seeing the photo avi of a man I don't know: [finger on the trigger of a can of mace] go on

Listening to old MBMBaM episodes again, and damn that "mute and unfollow people who say the world's ending, you don't need that in your life" from June 2016 is more relevant than ever

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You're supposed to take a vitamin D supplement with food so I keep them in my kitchen, and then forget to take one every single day because they're not with my other multivitamins

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One of the unironically best things about pet owners is if you say "Ha! Look at this chubby lil guy" they'll always take issue with it "hmm. He's NOT fat"

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Crimson Tide? You're now the Waves

Colorado Avalanche? The Snowflakes

Miami Heat? Miami Scorchballs

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Hat tip to @Louisa for introducing me to this song today

Answers the question "What if Barenaked Ladies, but from 1970s New Jersey?"

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By Chivalries as tiny,
A Blossom, or a Book,
The seeds of smiles are planted—
Which blossom in the dark.

--Emily Dickinson


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Listen, I'll be honest. This week's playlist was a huge pain in the ass. I mean, it's my fault, I did this to myself, but still.

Anyway, these songs start slow and get faster. That's it. That's the whole gimmick. I spent my whole day counting beats per minute, over and over again, several times per song, second-guessing myself.

So listen to this one in order, and if something sounds wrong, it probably is, and I'm sorry. 🤷‍♂️

Me: you want to be sure to keep food and art supplies separate, for many reasons

Also me: but what if I eat just a little fried chicken over my workspace

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phillip k dick short story about a guy who realises he's a robot when he fails a captcha

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