@Louisa just... inspired. i am so furious, but also so impressed

Should I have captioned that pic as lewd? It's *barely* lewd but, watch out I guess

They change the Snapchat filters too much, where are the ones I like with the sparkles, I don't want to look like an evil teeth bear

Just running down the timeline and faving Ernest toots by sense memory, but it works out because they're all worth it

Yes, fucking obliterate me with snow

I know it's going to be nothing but I want it

mr sandman, give me a hand
i need some help lifting all of this sand

Eating candy corn in the shower to improve my Chaotic Neutral stat

I have the object permanence of a baby and if someone changes their avatar I have no idea who they are for days

Rebranding as a conscious rapper named Del Aware

Me: I should eat more vegetables

Lizard brain: or, fried cheese curds

Yesssssss Delaware was an answer on Jeopardy, Irenee DuPont's gunpowder mill, I work right near there

can't wait until im asked to read out my toots before a panel of experts to determine my sanity

And then I forgot to make that one private and had to delete it, Never Not Fucking Up

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