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I moved my nextcloud data to object storage (through minio) and I'm wondering how to do backups.

Ideally it would be something where in case of an outage of my primary object storage provider I could just point minio to my backup and get my data

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Ok so running Pleroma is not just running `docker-compose up`. It needs configuration, creating the database rebuilding the image etc. Kinda defeats the purpose of containers. Too lazy to deal with that now

Then I stood around in the main hallway for 3 hours representing my current employer

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Spoke at an event at my old Uni today. There were about 10 people there

There's a special place in hell for the asshole who designed this keyboard

Yesterday was a pretty good day in Prague

Quick! I need a random name for my project.

TIL Sovietwave is a thing. It's basically just synthwave with some soviet tv and radio announcements.

And of course S O V I E T A E S T H E T I C

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Me: *visible pain and audible sigh
Colleague: What's wrong?
Me: I'm looking at the spaghetti code I just wrote

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