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My Arch is broken. Temporarily on Windows

I know there's object versioning but I'm not quite sure how that would work in this case

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Is there a way to make a object storage bucket snapshot? Without doing full copy?

I use scaleway object storage as a primary storage for my nextcloud. I want to do daily database backup. Ideally I would have data snapshot from the same time as database snapshot

I've rebuilt my nextcloud instance (from scratch). Now I just need to upload 40 gigs of data. Again

Also I've set up a cron job that gets the postgres database dump. So next time I accidentally delete it. I won't have to start from scratch

So now I have 40GBs of useless objects because the data necessary to rebuild files from objects are gone with the database

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Basically what happened is that I renamed the folder where my nextcloud docker-compose.yml is. Then I did docker-compose up -d which means that the postgres container created new volume since I did not use named volumes.

This wouldn't be so bad since the old volume was still there, just not attached to any container.

But then I run docker volume prune

Monumental stupidity

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I don't have a backup. Other than a snapshot of the entire vm

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Holy fuck. I am a massive idiot. I accidentally deleted my nextcloud postgres database

Gonna try the peanut butter and jelly thing

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This guy in the seat in front of me is talking on the phone for half an hour already and it doesn't look like he's going to end anytime soon

Sitting in a first class carriage on a train to Bratislava

but instead of cameraConfigHolderBuilder we have camera_config_holder_builder because the former is "unpythonic"

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Providers, Singletons, Factories, Builders we've got it all

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