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Quand tu part en vacances pour oublier l'informatique mais que même les noms d'hôtel sont contre toi....

Finally got a room. It's quite nice in a good neighborhood but it's also far from work (about 30min by public transport)

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Now that Tool is on streaming platforms I don't have any reasons to self-host my own audio streaming server

Got my ham radio license renewed today


that's the tagline of our helpdesk

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I want to know how you track yourself: the time you spent in every task; the posts, papers and books you have read; the money you have spent; the music you have listened to; the things you have learned... Do you use apps? Only desktop or also on the phone? Maybe you just write everything in a notebook? Do you use some kind of system? I want to know EVERYTHING. Boosts more than welcome, of course! #askMastodon

Maniac on Netflix e9 

It's also really boring. I stopped watching it halfway through

Watching The Great Hack on Netflix and Brittany Kaiser is definitely the least likeable "protagonist" of any documentary I've ever watched

Vladimír Mečiar ex prime minister of Slovakia who nearly managed to turn the country into Belarus style autocracy is getting back to politics. He is starting a new political party

Renting a full apartment is the last resort. If I want something that's not old and shit it would cost me nearly half my salary.

There's so much demand for flatshare that there's always like 20 people replying for each post. Often I don't even get a reply because the renter is already inundated with messages. And even if I ge a viewing they always decide for someone else.

I'm in a terrible situation. I've got a job (in fact today was my first day) but I have nowhere to live.

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