I should just go home, it's been a long day

And after several hours of debugging why your little component is not doing anything even though the program does get there a passes the right data you find that you just disabled the component in config

Multithreaded Python app with all Singletons and no way to properly debug it other than print("Hello, I'm here")

Tomorrow, the almighty CEO from the mythical land of the rising sun will come see us mere mortals in Brno

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An unbiased guide to find the right Linux distribution for you:

Why is there no thumbs sideways emoji?

Hmm I really should review the dependencies of my website. And maybe update the About section

nvm some of them are as awful as I thought

Holy shit I just found some Slovak metal bands and they are not absolutely awful. What kind of sorcery is this?

Watching the first Zombieland

How is there still electricity in that world? Who's making it?

I diched duckduckgo and went back to google and immediately I noticed I spent much less time searching for stuff because the relevant result is right there

My commit messages today:

"Ugly hack for file upload"
"Even uglier hack for processing files"
"The ugliest hack for displaying results"

For the past few days I've been working on a demo app that was made by a guy who left the company few months ago. The code has no README, no documentation on confluence and no meaningful comments.

I've been slowly loosing my shit.

They also brought a bunch of Japanese sweets.

New pair of Japanese colleagues arrived to the office today. These two speak a slightly better English than the previous two. That's not saying much though

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