Hello there. There's still a lot of you who follow me here but not on my new main @mathis

This is now a backup account and I'm no longer posting from here

If you follow me here, you might want to follow me here @mathis instead

Got myself a fresh Pleroma. You can follow me there:

At my sister's prom (stužková). Good fun. Lots of memories of my own 7 years ago

All other services that I'm running are using either Nextcloud or git as storage backend so they're backed up by proxy or their data is not important so they're not backed up at all

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My backup problem is solved. I'm now running daily cron script that backs up Nextcloud root folder, Nextcloud database and Gitea to Scaleway using restic

Change.org petition to remove Q from Slovak language. First comment in the corresponding Reddit thread: "That's gonna be hard to close vi/vim"

Is the Tesla actually for real? I watched a video summary of the event and I'm really confused. Is this some elaborate joke?

IdeaVIM is amazing and incredibly frustrating at the same time

I managed to fix it but at that point it was holding together by just pure luck. There were many things wrong with it e.g I had to always login twice because after the first login gnome session would crash. Plasma 5 would sometimes work but sometimes kwin just froze.

I did that. I changed something in the configs and forgot what. I replaced one component with another and forgot about it.

So when I fixed it I just checked if I won't accidentally delete something important and went for reinstall

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Yesterday I broke my old install after I ran out of space on / during an update (thanks pacman cache). Thank fuck I had an old archiso on a usb stick lying around

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Reinstalled my Arch today. I used Anarchy Linux installer. It works great

Does anyone know what happens if I reinstall client? Does it recognize the local files or does it want to download everything all over again?

My Arch is broken. Temporarily on Windows

I know there's object versioning but I'm not quite sure how that would work in this case

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Is there a way to make a object storage bucket snapshot? Without doing full copy?

I use scaleway object storage as a primary storage for my nextcloud. I want to do daily database backup. Ideally I would have data snapshot from the same time as database snapshot

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