The distribution just announced that they will be switching Mastodon instance. Why?

"Recent events in the fediverse in general and related to instance in particular have made me rethink the place where I’d like to handle the @Debian"

What horrible recent events?

"An admin of the Fosstodon Mastodon instance made some comments (..). The comment was relating to how they wish that a thicker skin would be adopted by some of the people they called “snowflakes”."

is live
The "Time" table row opens live video streams (the "Auditório", "Miniauditório", "Sala de Videoconferencia" links).

Why is embedding a "special instruction" tracking(?) code into every image uploaded to FB/IG and how are they using it? This isn't regular EXIF data. I'm guessing part of the purpose is tracking? Anyone have any actual information as to how these FB tags embedded in images is used?

is currently happening right now and it's treamed. You can find the schedule here:
Use the links ON TOP of that page to get video from the various rooms ("Auditório", " Miniauditório", etc)

"A website joined the fediverse only half a month ago that is well known to be a “free speech zone”, meaning it claims to tolerate all opinions. "

"We believe platforms like F-Droid’s repository or fediverse instances must be moderated in order to prevent oppression and harassment to flourish."

F-Droid made some odd statements regarding their stance on censorship. Though odd the outcome appears to be that they won't be censoring any software on one side or the other.


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