@Ephaemera You could just ask RMS yourself if you're unsure he sent me that e-mail. He has answered every single e-mail I've sent him the last 10+ years. He's also very consistent so I'm sure you'll get the exact same answer.. eventually. It takes a day or three depending on where he is (speaking tours etc) but you'll get an answer eventually.

@LinuxReviews ... You understand this is *days* old, right? If there was any kind of evidence he hadn't written this, the gablins would've been throwing parties about it already.
How on earth did you even chance across this so long after I wrote it? o.O

@Ephaemera I was reading through your toots for some reason and noticed "hey, that's from my inbox". I remember having to make that screenshot because of demands for "link to sources" as if my inbox has web links.

@LinuxReviews Huh. I didn't make any of those demands, and my post frankly doesn't have have any elements that make it seem I was *erring on the side of disbelief*, much less demanding proof.
Butttt if you were getting a lot of thosed, I can understand your tone. Anyways, have a lovely day.

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