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One question which comes to mind: How far would e-mail have come if half the e-mail servers out there were blocking large amounts of other e-mail servers and you could not know if someone got your e-mail with calling and asking them? Our guess is that we'd still be using faxes.

Image Viewer Ristretto 0.10.0 is released. This is the first version of Ristretto which is based on GTK3.

IBM subsidiary Red Hat has joined the RISC-V foundation. This is not totally shocking since IBM is a founding silver member. There is no announcement of any RISC-V Linux distribution from Red Hat coming any time soon.

Bitcoin Core 0.18.1 is Released. The new version of this wallet software for the has a bug-fix for users and not much else noteworthy. linuxreviews.org/Bitcoin_Core_

Xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin 2.3.3 released! The popular menu for has translation updates for 6 languages. It also removes a crash fix which is no longer needed. linuxreviews.org/Xfce4-whisker

It's Over, The Linux Journal is Closing Down after 25 years of publishing interesting Linux-related articles. They were the first to write about Linux and Linux based operating systems. It is sad that it did not work out for them and they will be missed.

Mesa 19.1.4 is now released with a fix for hair problems in Max Payne 3. Howver, the first release candidate of the next version of the graphics library which powers all 3D technology on /#Linux is NOT available. It has been delayed. linuxreviews.org/Mesa_19.1.4_i

KDevelop 5.4 is now available. It is a great Integrated Development Environment for developing software on GNU/Linux. You do not have to use KDE to use it, KDevelop is just as good for writing Python programs on Xfce as it is for writing KDE software on KDE Plasma. linuxreviews.org/KDevelop_5.4_

The have wall and bed clocks which can synchronize using NTP servers! It is unclear when they will allow Europe and the US to have access to this technology. linuxreviews.org/The_Japanese_

It looked like the distribution would install the propietary office suite FreeOffice from softmaker instead of by default in the upcoming 18.10 release. Push-back made the Manjaro team promise that won't be the case. linuxreviews.org/Manjaro_Linux

marketshare on is up a whopping 0.03% in July. It's over, is bankrupt and finished. All we need is the right major Linux-exclusive AAA title and the nations will accept the GNU World Order.

Honorary Doctor Richard Stallman will be speaking in Saint Petersburg and Moscow towards the end of August.

Latte Dock 0.9 for is released. Latte Dock is an alternative panel for the KDE Plasma desktop which looks very similar to that found on computers made by an American fruit company. It is worth a look if you like that zoom-on-hoover panel style. linuxreviews.org/Latte_Dock_0.

Ryzen 3000 series CPUs will not be able to boot modern distributions for another "few" weeks according to a "community update" AMD released today. linuxreviews.org/AMD_Ryzen_300

Want a computer with a OS which will lock itself and hold your personal files for ransom until you pay up? A laptop or mini desktop with Elementary OS pre-installed may be for you if you find that idea appealing.

Kernel 5.3-rc2 released - those eager to try the latest kernel pre-release can enjoy a new release candidate for the upcoming 5.3 version of the kernel.

Xfce 4.14pre3 is now available. This is close to the final version of the next-generation 4.14 version of the leading desktop. There's mostly bug-fixes and small adjustments compraed to 4.14pre2. It is a big step up from Xfce 4.12. linuxreviews.org/Xfce_4.14pre3

Version 3 of the GNU Image Manipulation Program, which is almost a complete re-write using GTK+3 instead of GTK+2, is far away yet it may be released "sooner" than you might think. Support for Python 3 plugins is now in place. linuxreviews.org/Python_3_plug

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