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🎉 Il y a quelques jours, c'était le troisième anniversaire du lancement de Liberapay ! 2018 a été une année très difficile pour nous, mais il y a quelques points positifs :

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Ah mais génial : @Liberapay permet de faire des "promesses de #don" pour amener des acteurs à se créer un compte 😃 #OSM et #Thunderbird for ze win ->

Also, the notification we send when someone you pledged to joins Liberapay has been reworded to be clearer and more appropriate considering how Liberapay works now.

You can go to to see the current unclaimed donations and set up your own pledges to people and projects who haven't joined Liberapay yet.

If you previously granted Liberapay write access to your account, you may want to revoke that permission in and then reconnect your GitLab account to Liberapay in

As you may know Liberapay supports connecting accounts from other platforms. Today our Google integration has been decoupled from the dying Google+ system, and our integration has been modified to work around GitLab's nonsensical permissions so that you no longer have to grant Liberapay write access to your account.

You can update your connected accounts in

To make sure you don't miss them, here are the two announcements from our blog post published yesterday:

- Liberapay now supports 33 currencies! You should update your currency preferences if you haven’t done it yet:

- SEPA Direct Debits are back! If you were previously unable to renew a Euro donation because you don't have any credit or debit card, you should be able to renew it now if you have a Euro bank account:

🎉 Yesterday was the third anniversary of Liberapay's launch! 2018 was a very difficult year for us, but there are some silver linings:

Le logiciel de publication web Dotclear dispose désormais d'un compte Liberapay avec lequel vous pouvez faire un don au projet :

Bienvenue !


The Dotclear web publishing software have now a Liberapay account which you can donate to the project with:

Welcome !


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The creator of @pixelfed is looking for a sustainable way to fund his full time work on that project, you can help by donating on Liberapay:

Saviez-vous que Liberapay permet aux créateurs de se présenter en plusieurs langues ? À ce jour, 10% des descriptions de profils sont disponibles en 2 langues, et 1% en 3 langues ou plus.

Pour mettre à jour votre profil, et peut-être ajouter une nouvelle langue, rendez-vous sur

Did you know that Liberapay allows creators to introduce themselves in multiple languages? As of today 10% of profile descriptions are available in 2 languages, and 1% in 3 languages or more.

To update your profile, and maybe add a new language, go to

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@Jelv Thanks. I'm very grateful to you and the other translators, Liberapay wouldn't be the same without y'all.

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Liberapay is far from perfect and hasn't fully recovered from the Mangopay crisis yet, but it's still great in many ways and I am proud of it. #Liberapay

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I've just tested the new link verification feature being introduced in #Mastodon: it already works with #Liberapay profiles. If you've connected your Mastodon account to your Liberapay profile in then a link to your Liberapay in the metadata of your Mastodon profile will appear as "verified".

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Acabo de renovar el apoyo a @disroot a través de @Liberapay !
Qué bien que sigan funcionando los dos proyectos! :D

TL;DR for people who use Liberapay to receive donations: go to and connect at least one Stripe or PayPal account, otherwise new donations to you can't be processed.

Nous venons de publier une mise à jour (attendue depuis longtemps) du statut de Liberapay : (en anglais).

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