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Acabo de renovar el apoyo a @disroot a través de @Liberapay !
Qué bien que sigan funcionando los dos proyectos! :D

TL;DR for people who use Liberapay to receive donations: go to and connect at least one Stripe or PayPal account, otherwise new donations to you can't be processed.

Nous venons de publier une mise à jour (attendue depuis longtemps) du statut de Liberapay : (en anglais).


Si vous utilisez en tant que donateur, vous pouvez ouvrir pour voir su vous avez des dons en attente de financement. Ou vous pouvez simplement attendre, nous vous enverrons une notification lorsqu'un paiement sera nécessaire.

PS : seules les cartes de paiement sont supportées pour le moment, mais les débits directs SEPA seront disponibles dès que activera cette méthode de paiement pour notre compte.


Bonne nouvelle : le traitement des paiements à travers est maintenant opérationnel !

Si vous utilisez pour recevoir des dons et que vous n'y avez pas connecté un compte Stripe, vous devriez le faire : (Si Stripe ne supporte pas votre pays, il vous faudra attendre un peu jusqu'à l'intégration de PayPal, navré.)

N.B. Only card payments are supported for now, but SEPA direct debits will become available once Stripe enables this payment method for our account.

Good news: the processing of payments through Stripe is now live!

If you use Liberapay to receive donations and you haven't connected a Stripe account, you should do that: (If Stripe doesn't support your country you'll have to wait a little longer for the PayPal integration, sorry.)

If you use Liberapay as a donor you can open to see if you have donations awaiting payment. Or you can just wait, we'll notify you when a payment is needed.

As some of you have noticed we've added the possibility of connecting a Stripe account to a Liberapay account. This is only a first step in our migration away from Mangopay, we know that Stripe only supports a limited number of countries, we're working on adding other payment processors as well, including PayPal which covers more than 200 countries.

The new page to manage your payment accounts is (please excuse its shortcomings, it's a work in progress).

If you have money in your Liberapay wallet, the time to withdraw it is now:

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Successfully got Euros out of #Liberapay, finally. If you're in the US and similarly stuck, Transferwise borderless account seems the way to go.

(Be sure to use IBAN to transfer to it, other methods don't work.)

Tomorrow we will refund as much money as possible from donor accounts, so if you haven't distributed the remaining funds from your wallet to the people and projects you support, please do it now:

You can find more information in our blog post:

To all of you who have chosen to transfer the money left in your wallets to the people you support: thank you! These donations transferred "in advance" now sum up to over €20000 and $3400!

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The Mangopay exodus is proceeding well so far: €5100 and $600 have already been transferred from the wallets of donors to creators, while €4800 and $440 have been refunded to donors instead.

(If you don't know what this toot is about you should read our blog post: )

We've fixed several bugs in the donation disbursement process so if you tried earlier today or yesterday and you got a 500 error code then you should try again.

If you get a 400 error code instead, with the message "The attempt to distribute all the money in your wallet failed: X.XX remains", see

Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users:

Tout est rentré dans l'ordre à présent, et les dons de la semaine ont été traités avec succès : 2772,81€ et 473,13$ ont été transférés entre 2054 utilisateurs.

We're back to normal now, and this week's donations have been processed successfully: €2,772.81 and $473.13 has been transferred between 2054 users.

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