@yolo For completeness sake, this article is 2 months old. The Liberapay website is back on track.

@Roland @nino Lorsque le montant initialement donné sera épuisé, vous recevrez une notification de la part de Liberapay vous le signifiant et vous proposant de renouveler ce don. Si vous ne faites rien, le don s'arrête. Vous restez libre de refaire un don au projet plus tard, ou de financer un autre projet. Voir liberapay.com/ .

@alextee No. Donations through Liberapay are supposed to be anonymous.

@darkeye Our current payment operators (stripe and paypal) do not allow the use of wallets. It all depends if we find other payment operator(s) suitable for Liberapay in the future.

Le logiciel de publication web Dotclear dispose désormais d'un compte Liberapay avec lequel vous pouvez faire un don au projet :


Bienvenue !


The Dotclear web publishing software have now a Liberapay account which you can donate to the project with:


Welcome !


@Altarof_Patatoes Oui, les promesses de dons ne fonctionnent pas très bien actuellement. Ce sera corrigé prochainement.

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The creator of @pixelfed is looking for a sustainable way to fund his full time work on that project, you can help by donating on Liberapay: liberapay.com/pixelfed/donate

@kieteni I don't know much about Skrill, but it doesn't look very promising.

@Jelv We're not ready to deal with the remaining Mangopay balances yet, I'm planning to work on it this month.

Saviez-vous que Liberapay permet aux créateurs de se présenter en plusieurs langues ? À ce jour, 10% des descriptions de profils sont disponibles en 2 langues, et 1% en 3 langues ou plus.

Pour mettre à jour votre profil, et peut-être ajouter une nouvelle langue, rendez-vous sur liberapay.com/about/me/edit/st

Did you know that Liberapay allows creators to introduce themselves in multiple languages? As of today 10% of profile descriptions are available in 2 languages, and 1% in 3 languages or more.

To update your profile, and maybe add a new language, go to liberapay.com/about/me/edit/st

@kieteni All payment processors require a ton of info, they need it to fulfill legal obligations and discourage fraud.

Regarding PayPal's handling of names and email addresses, we should be able to provide a workaround someday, if PayPal allows us to put Liberapay in the middle of the transaction.

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@Jelv Thanks. I'm very grateful to you and the other translators, Liberapay wouldn't be the same without y'all.

@kieteni We're currently focusing our efforts on improving Liberapay to work well with Stripe and PayPal. Can you tell us why you would prefer another provider?

@azzamsa This is water under the bridge now. Our blog being unavailable for a little while was an insignificant inconvenience compared to the Mangopay fiasco of the summer.

@dictvm The message you've replied to is 7 months old. You can find more details in our subsequent toots.

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Liberapay is far from perfect and hasn't fully recovered from the Mangopay crisis yet, but it's still great in many ways and I am proud of it. #Liberapay

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