@IzzyOnDroid @The_Observer6955 If you tried connecting a Stripe account instead of rejecting Stripe out of hand, then you would see that it's somewhat similar to having a wallet with automatic payouts to your bank account.

@The_Observer6955 @IzzyOnDroid If you're saying that we should use libre payment processors, then you're asking for the impossible, because there are no libre payment processors.

@IzzyOnDroid It looks to me like you're the one shooting yourself in the foot. You're boycotting Stripe without any solid reason, you just assume that it's an evil corporation.

Adding a third payment processor isn't a priority for us because right now it can't significantly improve our platform. The only potential gain would be for creators in European countries not supported by Stripe, at the cost of extra complexity.

@IzzyOnDroid @amolith Open Collective is solely based on Stripe and PayPal. Some hosts may accept sending money to your bank account instead of through PayPal, but those transfers have to be done manually. In that scenario you don't use Stripe directly, but the initial payment is still processed by Stripe, so you're still using it indirectly.

Rappel pour les créateurs : si Stripe et PayPal sont tous deux disponibles dans votre pays, alors vous devriez connecter *les deux* à votre compte Liberapay. Stripe est généralement plus pratique pour les donateurs, en particulier pour ceux qui n'ont pas de compte PayPal. D'un autre côté, certaines personnes préfèrent PayPal parce qu'ils le considèrent comme plus sûr.

Rendez-vous sur la page "Opérateurs de paiement" pour voir et connecter les comptes de paiement : liberapay.com/about/me/payment

@IzzyOnDroid You were already looking for other ways. Your problem is the same it was 6 months ago, and it will stay the same until we add a third payment processor or you stop boycotting Stripe and/or PayPal.

@IzzyOnDroid @amolith For the record, OpenCollective is also built on Stripe and PayPal.

@IzzyOnDroid There are no wallets anymore. Donors no longer fill wallets, and creators no longer withdraw from wallets. Instead donations go immediately to the PayPal or Stripe account of the recipient. The money can then be withdrawn from those accounts to a bank account (Stripe does that automatically).

@IzzyOnDroid You're drawing weird conclusions from my response to your question.

@IzzyOnDroid Yes, you must add PayPal if you want your donors to be able to pay through PayPal, and you must add Stripe if you want your donors to be able to pay by card or direct debit directly from the Liberapay website.

@swedneck Stripe is designed for businesses but they also allow individuals and nonprofits to use their service wherever possible.

Reminder for creators: if Stripe and PayPal are both available in your country, then you should connect *both* to your Liberapay account. Stripe is usually more convenient for donors, especially for those who don't have a PayPal account. On the other hand there are people who prefer PayPal because they see it as safer.

Head over to the “Payment Processors” page to view and connect payment accounts: liberapay.com/about/me/payment

@fariparedes We have no rules against adult content, but the payment processors that Liberapay is built on (Stripe and PayPal) do have rules against many things, and we can't protect you from them.

@lis @Jessica Banks can afford not to charge their customers for SEPA transfers because they make enough profit in other ways to cover the costs of SEPA payments.

@lis @Jessica Liberapay has never provided a way to send money without any fees. We do what we can to ensure that the payment processing fees are reasonably low, but they exist, because the expensive infrastructure needed to securely process payments has to be funded in one way or another.

@tobi No, we haven't talked with GLS. Adding a third payment processor is being considered and discussed in github.com/liberapay/liberapay

@Le_M_Poireau Les systèmes de cagnottes sont conçus pour une collecte ponctuelle ayant un objectif précis. Dans votre premier message vous sembliez plutôt chercher une plateforme proche de Tipeee permettant un soutien à votre production audiovisuelle, du coup Liberapay pourrait peut-être vous convenir.

@LeGreg @lordphoenix @dada

@Le_M_Poireau @LeGreg @lordphoenix @dada Liberapay n'est pas un système de cagnottes, du coup c'est normal qu'elle n'apparaisse pas dans le comparatif que vous avez trouvé.

En ce qui concerne Open Collective, comme son nom l'indique c'est une plateforme pour les collectifs, pas pour les créateurs individuels.

@jordan31 @Matter Stripe is better than PayPal in several ways. Its big shortcoming for us is that it only supports a relatively small number of countries on the receiving side, whereas PayPal is pretty much worldwide.

P.S. Many people misread and misspell "Liberapay", or wonder how to pronounce it.

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