Stripe is now officially available in five more European countries: , , , , and .

If you live in one of those countries and you use Liberapay to receive donations, then you should go to your “Payment Processors” page and connect a Stripe account:

If your country still isn't supported by , you can preregister:

With these 5 countries, Stripe is finally available in the entire Eurozone. However, it's still two countries short of being available in the entire EU, as and still aren't supported yet.

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@Liberapay Hungary seems to be in progress of going back to medieval ages so I'm not surprised here but I always thought of Croatia being surprisingly modern for Eastern Europe. Why are they excluded?


@Wraptile We don't know exactly how Stripe works internally, but it's unlikely that any country is being excluded on purpose. Adding support for a new country requires some work, and apparently that work hasn't been done for Croatia and Hungary yet.

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