@trianderror @switchingsocial @kuketzblog Bullshit. PayPal may not be privacy friendly, but you have no proof whatsoever that Stripe and Cloudflare are doing anything wrong.

We don't track our users and we do what we can to protect their data, if that's not good enough for you then maybe you're a little too paranoid.

@Liberapay @switchingsocial @kuketzblog
Wow. I had to let that sink in first. Dealing with criticism is not your strength.
Maybe 'data protection' was not the 100% fitting term. Maybe 'privacy protection' would have been more exact
When you look for a payment service provider, you don't want third-parties to get involved. It is nobody's business, except the recipient and the service provider, who is sending money to whom and when.
You don't have to be particularly paranoid to think that way.


@trianderror @switchingsocial @kuketzblog There are always third parties involved in payment processing, even if you're not aware of them. In the past Mangopay knew exactly who was sending money to whom through Liberapay, now it's Stripe and PayPal who have some of that information. Either way the level of privacy is approximately the same.

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