As some of you have noticed we've added the possibility of connecting a Stripe account to a Liberapay account. This is only a first step in our migration away from Mangopay, we know that Stripe only supports a limited number of countries, we're working on adding other payment processors as well, including PayPal which covers more than 200 countries.

The new page to manage your payment accounts is (please excuse its shortcomings, it's a work in progress).

@Liberapay as much as I like PayPal as Payment options it has a lot of disadvantages... (e.g. sex workers)

@kurzgedanke We know PayPal isn't perfect, but they do cover a lot of countries.

@Liberapay But I just see stripe is crap: You have to provide company details and such stuff.

@Liberapay would payoneer be an option down the line? (patreon uses it or was, until recently)

@Liberapay What if you aren't a creator and just want to donate. Would a Stripe account work for a donator?

@pla Connecting a payment account is only necessary if you want to receive money, donors won't need to do it.

@Liberapay OK. So, how do I put money in my Liberapay wallet? I was informed to empty my wallet because #mangopay was dumping #liberapay.

@Liberapay Yes! This is the libre way out of it!

Decouple yourself from your payment processors so people can use whichever they want. And once you support and are opensource, most projects tend to quickly acquire lots of integrations.

I see this trend in most free software I read the code for.

@Liberapay Once support 2 that is.

That's an important digit to put in that toot.

@Liberapay Just a note: I guess that many people do not like #PayPal due to their disrespect of users' privacy (data of a transaction is sent to > 100 third parties).


Are you only looking for payment processors like paypal or is classical banking still an Option?

For the latter case I would suggest to take a look at cooperative banks, like GLS in germany. They have certain ethical standards and also a sponsership program for various alternative enterprises and projects.

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