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Liberapay @Liberapay

Liberapay is in trouble, here's our blog post that explains the situation and what you should do if you're one of our 2000 active users:

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@Liberapay I'm so impressed with how transparent and honest y'all have been through this process. Regardless of the outcome, in this random stranger's opinions, you've lived up to everything you promised in your marketing materials.

@Liberapay I would appreciate a means of reaching out to my supporters to offer them temporary alternative means of support

@Liberapay I have a question : why do you say you have tons of accounts statements?
Why not handling patrons as virtual internal accounts, and then only have statements for patron deposits and users withdrawal ?

@Liberapay From the bank point of view, you only see not so small occasional deposits to refill patrons accounts, and bigger occasional deposits on user withdrawal.
Every weekly extra small statements are purely virtual and internal to Liberapay, and never visible from your bank.

@aeris Indeed !


Actually, I understood by reading your website that it was working the way @aeris described.

Anyway, thanks a lot for this innovative facility you provide, and for the new plans you are setting up !

@Liberapay getting a 500 trying the first option for emptying my wallet. Error-message 1e6b87ca3685434897bbbafc70d7f33b

@lemming Please try again, we've just fixed that bug.

@Liberapay Still the same. But now my value is gone to 0.16 after getting a 500: a333d4128e9240f681b884e00d5cbaf5

@Liberapay Please be careful to choose payment handlers that don't discriminate against adult-age voluntary sex workers.

@starbreaker @Liberapay although the sentiment is good I don't think they have much of a choice. They need what ever to get them off their feet.

@Liberapay thank you for publishing this today!

@Liberapay question: will this go out as email soon?

@maloki Yes, we'll email everyone as soon as possible.

@Liberapay short question. How do you handle accounts that are donors and are also receiving donations at the same time? It isn't really clear to me what happens with the money in the wallet.

@leah You have a 3 options I guess: you can either donate all the money, or withdraw it all, or withdraw some of it and then donate the rest.

@Liberapay As I didn't found that on you blog-post:
What happens with wallets which did not got withdrawn and have still money in it after losing mangopay? Will it be available with a new processor once you found a new one? I'm just curious.

@lemming Migrating money over to a new payment processor without the user's explicit consent would be problematic. Mangopay will have to attempt to return any money left in a wallet to its legal owner.

@Liberapay Any ideas?

Bad Request
The attempt to distribute all the money in your wallet failed: $X.00 remains.

@Liberapay #medium is also a risk because they could suddenly suspend you for no good reason. better host your own blog.

@steckerhalter @Liberapay

There are also medium alternatives (that also respect privacy) if you don't want to host the blog on LiberaPay site.

One is .

@Liberapay I've been attempting to withdraw from my wallet, but I seem to be getting an error at the moment. Will my funds still be available after you have moved away from Mangopay?

@viomi Yes, but we don't know if it'll be easy to withdraw money after Mangopay terminates our contract, that's why we're advising everyone to empty their wallets before that happens.


Call our team

Tel : +44 20 8068 0070

@Liberapay why not send an email to all these users? they should not have to use social media to find out!

We've fixed several bugs in the donation disbursement process so if you tried earlier today or yesterday and you got a 500 error code then you should try again.

If you get a 400 error code instead, with the message "The attempt to distribute all the money in your wallet failed: X.XX remains", see

@Liberapay Hi so which payment processor are switching to?

@StuC Not sure yet, probably more than one.

@Liberapay On the site itself I can't find the link to emptying my wallet anywhere. Is that not there intentionally?

@Liberapay just curious, it is a breach of contract on mangopay's side?