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@TonyStark This NYT piece is cherry-picking results. It mentions a Sister District study that says that postcards to voters had a negative effect. I looked up this study. It actually looked at THREE races, not one. Yes, in one of the studied districts, voters who received postcards had lower turnout. But in one of the others, there was no effect. In the third, voters who received postcards had greater turnout. Sister District discusses in the article what types of races might benefit from postcarding, which is exactly what the other linked article suggests studying further, as it was only a study of one race. Any scientist, be they a social scientist, biologist, chemist, or whatever, will tell you that experiments aren’t much good unless they can be replicated.

I have no argument with the suggestion that retail politics are most important. But if you want people to believe what you say, don’t start by misrepresenting things that are easy for people to look up.

Tonight on

2100-2200 - work it ft ken walker

2200-0000 - pick n mix with dj upnorth and brother soul

0000-0200 - the robbo show ft dj robbo - hip-hip, r&b, reggae, house

Carrying you nicely to your humpday. Come pull up a chair and vibe out. or


New single, out now!!

This single came about due to @lorenlepton [singer/songwriter/musician] experiencing a ridiculous amount of abuse, harassment & other such awful things of a physical, verbal & sexual nature over the past 2 months. They have had abuse for most of their life, but recently it has been overboard.
So they felt they needed to get it off of their chest & let rip.
So we did!!

#ERUERS #music #audio #share #boost #single #release #industrial #metal #LGBTQIA #trans #transrights #abuse #angry #fuckpeople #fuckSpotify #supportartists #supportthearts #resist #transrights #noise

EMIT, the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation instrument, shared its first view of Earth after being installed outside of the @Space_Station. The milestone, called "first light," happened on July 27 as the station passed over Western Australia.

Republicans are getting rightfully panned for voting against covering veteran healthcare from being exposed to burn pits in the Iraq War (if we had universal healthcare it of course would be a nonissue in 1st place), but why does George W. Bush get a free pass for the burn pits in the first place?

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