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Brother Soul

Songs you know. But never heard like this before.

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Hawks UP for our People

DJ Knobby Knees with his HAWKS UP Edition LIVE

8am - Until GMT


Stop Through. Hawktails served throughout.


Taking us from the 12am to 2pm GMT


DJ Knobby Knees

YOU TRULY Don't WANNA Miss This Joint. You'll understand when you tun in,.

Just about an Hour Left, with our man:

DJ Divine Ellison


10pm to 12am GMT

Classics, DeepSoul, House Music

Com Pull Up a Chair

ONly on

UP NEXT!!!! DJ Divine Ellison

10pm to 12am

Classics, DeepSoul, House Music

Hungry? Come Get Fed..

The Greasy Spoon is NOW OPEN

ONly on

LOOK AT YOU!! You MADE IT!! To the Weekend.

So you kinda deserve this.

It's the with our own @brothersoul ABOUT TO Take Over the Booth, with a affair.

Show starts in less than 15mins. So come through and get the good seats while you can and say hello to Brother Soul.

We thank you in advance. Enjoy the show.

AND We're BACK!!

Time: 3pm to 5pm




What to do: Stop Through, in the chat room. Say Hello. Vibe Out. Got your seat? You Comfy? Cool. Now just enjoy. Simple. Look forward to seeing some of you there, on this Genre Free Affair.

Get your Scones, Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes, French Toast, Sausages, Home Fries, and Orange Juice. Or Your Fried Chicken & Mac n Cheese in order. DJ Knobby Knees is all up in your Brunch or Supper!!

LIVE With selection of 110's to 124 Joints lined up. Yea, some of the best parts of your day, starts now. We'll see you on the radio. Oh we're in the chatroom to if any of you wanna stop through. ;) Cheers


Joining on the is our good man, Mr himself, DJ Mike Strickland to Grace our airwaves.

When: Friday 10 2020

Time: 8pm to 10pm GMT
3pm to 5pm EST


"Register your name, confirm in your email. And join us in the chat room."

On the move? We've got you covered

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Do a search for LABR and there we are. On the go with you.

It's that time again.

LIVE with Brother Soul

A Genre Free Oasis of just Good Music.

Tune In.

Show starts at 3pm to 5pm GMT

Only on

On the Run? We've got you covered.

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Search for LABR and There we Are. Riding With You.

Let us know if your listening in.

A good day to you all.

Good Morning/Afternoon

Want a Proper Jump Start? Got a High Impact Workout?

BROTHER SOUL - Love & Liquid

A Soulful Journey through DnB

On Now. Tune in if you can. Join me in the chat room.

On the Move? all good.

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Search for LABR and there were are.

Good Monring Folks. Hope you folks are well.

So we got our man Divine Ellison with his Show
starting RIGHT NOW!!! Loan him your ear.

It's a nice start to your day. Enjoy. Only on



We're told that he's dipping into different kind of crates tonight, on some ole Liquid DnB Tip. And giving the Soulful House Music a Break. We'll see how this will turn out.

Show starts at 8pm to 10pm GMT

Stop Through

Only on

It is with great HONOUR that I Welcome Mr. DJ Don Myles from in the First Hour, of with yours truly Brother Soul STREAMING LIVE Only on

Friday (Tomorrow) 06/18/2020 8pm to 10pm GMT

Android Users: RadioDroid
iPhone Users: InstaRadio

Download the Apps. Search for LABR and There we Are. ON the Move with you.

Humbled Thanks in Advance.

Brother Soul

I'm Live On

This is My Protest in a era. If your in the house. Or on the move? Join me. I'm on for the next hour and a half or so.

Android: RadioDroid
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Search for labr, and there you are. See you on the radio.

Brother Soul

Today on

15:00 - 17:00
*LABR LIVE* Midweek Workday with
Genre Free, Electic Mix. Literally you'll never know what your gonna hear. Neither does he.

20:00 - 22:00
I won't even begin to explain this in the least. But You'll probably dig it.

22:00 - 00:00
[PREMIERE] Willy Beatz with
Brooklyns Best Unknown DJ

Only on

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