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Serving up a mix of musical flows and genre's that you'll never hear in one show any where. Today the theme is

Show: (LIVE)
With your man,
15:00 to 17:00

Join us in Chat and ROCK Out with your Brother

today on love a brother radio !

Friday Night Live
1800 UTC 280 West Radio with Mark Mendoza
1900 UTC The Weekend Workout LIVE w/ @brothersoul **
2100 UTC The Greasy Spoon LIVE
w/ Divine Ellison **

Join us for a massive block of dance and soulful house tunes.

** simulcast on our

coming up today on LABR
1400-1600 UTC @brothersoul is live with the Midweek Workday chill mix selecting a more relaxed and free form collection of tunes for your midweek.

video simulcast with chat on our at

(stop in and request all hair metal power ballads and yacht rock. (djknobby was here)

or listen at

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