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Yes. As I said to @sbg1@twitter.com, to understand Trump “you have to look at everything through the prism of his narcissism.” Once you do that, pretty much everything makes sense.
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All seems circumstantial, but I’m ready for the next phase

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As we anticipate the end of Mueller, signs of a wind-down:
-SCO prosecutors bringing family into the office for visits
-Staff carrying out boxes
-Manafort sentenced, top prosecutor leaving
-office of 16 attys down to 10
-DC US Atty stepping up in cases
-grand jury not seen in 2mo

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The Conway marriage is a perfect metaphor for the current Republican Party, split between those who see Trump as an opportunity & those who see him as a horror—and yet, somehow, they stay together.

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Waiting for the Mueller Report is like waiting for the baby to be born. We’re in the end of the third trimester and just want it to be over. But, as every parent knows, once the baby comes - that’s when all the real work begins. 😬

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"We told companies, take everything we create, directly from our phones and our minds and store them for us and we'll all work out what we do next later, and later is starting to show up now," says @textfiles@twitter.com about the Myspace deletions.

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*extremely loud, long farting noise*

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Workers should really check their privilege before forming a union because it's very problematic to do appropriation like that

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A lot of people don’t seem to get that politics is, among other things, a sphere of moral conflict in which actors are subject to normative criticism even when their actions make sense from a standpoint of atavistic self-interest. twitter.com/redistrict/status/

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Well, he already has found lots of something, as you know

But if he finds nothing *more*, at this point I'd be highly suspicious of how in the world that happened...

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1) SHORT THREAD: I've said versions of this over the last two years, but it's worth restating my bias in the Mueller probe, as we await the final report, which might be just hours away now: I hope Mueller finds nothing....

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Can't stop thinking about the fact that Nikki Haley thinks that paying more for childbirth means it must be higher quality, like it's an olive oil twitter.com/NikkiHaley/status/

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If only Obama had been slightly less popular...

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A lot of the Electoral College discourse is distorted by the fact that strong pro-Democratic bias in Obama’s two elections happened to coincide with him also winning the popular vote reasonably comfortably. twitter.com/davidshor/status/1

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@miniDND@twitter.com @xenocryptsite@twitter.com The idea that the electoral college hurts whatever party does better in cities is untrue! The EC was biased toward Democrats in 2008 and 2012!

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Chicken pox is mostly a mild disease, but it can be dangerous. Most car rides also don't end in crashes. Do you not put your child in a car seat? C'mon folks. This isn't a debate, its ignorance. I remember the days before vaccines. I trust science. cnn.com/2019/03/20/health/kent

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The number of people citing the inherent limits of the speed of light in comments about Google Stadia are, I think, misreading how sensitive most people are to slight latency.

I never knew this was a controversy. I’ve only ever eats blink one-eighty-two

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I wish I could do a national statement on live TV to tell the country that the way I pronounce Blink-182 is right, and everyone else is wrong.

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Didn’t this no deal brexit get delayed?

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BREAKING: UK military has activated team in a nuclear bunker under the @DefenceHQ@twitter.com main building to step up preparations for a no-deal Brexit, @SkyNews@twitter.com can reveal. The crisis management operation – dubbed Operation – began on Monday 1/

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Is there a reason everyone is talking about the Mueller report as imminent again? Did I miss a report or announcement on that score?

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1. Trump is going to spin the Mueller Report as a) proof that he’s innocent, b) evidence of no collusion & most importantly c) that any investigation in the House is an unjustified witch hunt. He’ll do this literally no matter what the report says. twitter.com/jonlemire/status/1

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Alt.ctrl.gdc is always my fave part of the show, and I’m glad they gave it more space to avoid crowding issues this year @simoncarless@twitter.com

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