Yahoo is such a nice service, if you don't remember your password from years ago you just Google and find some of the places it was publicly posted

Get ready for the new LTS: Bionic Heron. I really love the new color scheme, but Hardy Heron was one of the best wallpapers ever. So a compromise was made!

Planet X is coming soon. The only question is - will it have a notch?

Stayed away from alcohol for 3 weeks now. Making some pancremental backups before birthday.

Celebrating my 10th anniversary of running Linux with a current desktop screenshot. Started with GNOME, stayed with GNOME. Through better and worse. And worse!

Here's to 10 more!

Today is my 10th anniversary of moving to

Feels good! Even though I'm an old dinosaur.

Kids today think wallpaper and screen saver are the same thing. Just no.

My first attempt at making a lyrics video in

Kdenlive is such an amazing piece of software, I'm looking forward to learning more.

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I am worried that in 2017 somebody in the government could still think that open source means insecure because people can see the code.

Started messing around with Eevee engine in . Animation is completely new to me so this is pretty rough, but it will be fun to return to this video in a year or two.

@BryanLunduke Thank you for pointing out Wordgrinder! Typing articles in Cool Retro Term + Wordgrinder is totally cool

Should have complained sooner. Always complain sooner.

Well, my hair is gone, but I managed to do it. And it only took an hour and a half!

Looking for someone who's an expert with .desktop files because I'm at the "pulling out my hair in clumps" phase right now. Anyone?

Updated 16.04 straight to 17.04 without a single issue even though I skipped an entire release. Really impressive <3

Watching live of Jaedong vs FlaSh. What year is this? :D

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