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Hahaha and to think I was so anxious about stuff I couldn't control that I couldn't eat before this afternoon.

If I brag about things on this platform...am I tooting my own horn?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'll stop.

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I love flying because I have the exciting opportunity to learn what new, arbitrary rules the TSA has imposed today! Shoes on the belt, not in a plastic bin? No hummus? All electronic devices larger than a cell phone out of your bag? Even if you flew out of the same airport 3 days ago, everything could be different now!

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Politics (copyright policy) 

The House vote today on is a really disappointing step backwards for copyright policy. If it makes it through the Senate, the bill will change the structure of the Copyright Office so that its head is appointed by the president, not the Librarian of Congress.


That makes the Office more political and vulnerable to capture. Bummer.

Ooh, C.D. Cal judge rules no indefinite gag orders on providers under the Stored Communications Act! VERY GOOD NEWS. cacd.uscourts.gov/sites/defaul

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Cybersecurity for the People: How to protect your privacy at a protest

Watch this video for tips on how to prepare your phone before you go to a protest, how to safely communicate with your friends and document the event, and what to do if you get detained or arrested.

(This is the first in a new video series I'm hosting!)


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Today I had a persistent harass attempt to get at me further by pledging to my Patreon in the hopes that he could manipulate me into writing something for he and his goons.

I blocked his pledge, and now would like support to make up the shortfall, since it was a sizable pledge.

I write, perform, make games, and get involved in various kinds of creative endeavours.

Support me: patreon.com/creatrixtiara

(boosts welcome)

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so this is what that conference I was tooting about planning a couple of weeks ago looks like now: datasociety.net/blog/2017/04/1

This long read on the background for the Snowden leaks was very compelling. harpers.org/archive/2017/05/sn

This is SO DEPRESSING. Like literally, the fact that I would have to get on voice chat to play at the next level or put up with shitty harassment in typed chat has made me shy away from all kinds of fun competitive play. (cc @ybika)

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I had a realization over the weekend, when I hit rank 7 in Hearthstone (about top 4% of players for that month). That's probably the best I've ever been at a competitive video game. Hearthstone is single player, and it limits your interaction options - you can only say one of 6 pre-selected things to your opponent. I think every other time I've played video games online against other humans, or with teams, I am noticeably worse/less invested b/c I'm waiting for shit talk for my fem. voice.

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Hot take on art discourse 

Fearless Girl is an advertisement masquerading as guerrilla art but was in reality commissioned by a hedge fund.

Charging Bull is guerrilla art that lionizes the status quo "good immigrant" narrative. It's guerrilla art that is so vapid that most people ASSUME it was commissioned by a hedge fund.

Each is cringe inducing in its own uniquely horrible way.

"oh, mmmhm, I see, you feel that all copying is theft. That's nice. How are you liking the beer?"

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Jenny Holzer-style affirmation of the day 


I've reached a new level of adulthood - I no longer feel like I need to argue with bad dude opinions on copyright and appropriation art unless I'm getting paid.

45 minutes into VPN research (have a provider I like, want to make sure I'm not making some sort of security mistake) and I just want to bang my head against the desk and give up on using the Internet.

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