We just published the release version of 1.5.14 🎉

Have fun using Cryptomator together with a much faster #pCloud 😎.


:anxmed: Dateisynchronisation mit #Syncthing

In unserem neuen Artikel geht es um Syncthing als "#Cloud light" - Ende zu Ende verschlüsselte Dateisynchronisation, die auch ohne zentrale Anmeldung und ohne zentrale Server funktioniert.
Neugierig? Hier entlang: anoxinon.media/blog/syncthing/

#E2EE #P2P #Datenschutz

In wenigen Wochen wird meine Androidenfibel 10 Jahre alt: am 21.04.2011 erschien die erste Version dieses eBooks! Pünktlich zum Jubiläum steht seit wenigen Minuten Version 69 (!!) für Euch zur Verfügung: ebooks.qumran.org/androidenfib (zusammen mit derzeit 10.421 weiteren 🇩🇪 #eBooks ). Wie immer frei (CC-BY-NC-SA) & ohne Anmeldung. D.h. es kostet nix – über kleine Aufwands-Entschädigungen freue ich mich natürlich trotzdem. Links dafür im #eBook :awesome:

Happy Reading & Learning!


Ein schöner Datenschutz-Witz meines jüngsten Sohnes:

Durchsage in der Mall: Der kleine "Spinnst Du, Alter? Mein Name geht Dich gar nichts an" möchte gerne von seinen Eltern im Kinderbereich abgeholt werden.

Wenn er erwachsen ist, kann er bei uns anfangen :-)

Btw. our corona app builds are @reproducible_builds, at least inside the fdroid defined build env.

This means a few things:

* the build I published earlier will be rebuild by fdroid and published with the same signature if the verification succeeds.
* you can rebuild this yourself and verify the build

I'll probably write some instructions for this in the next few days. It's not as easy as I'd like it yet.

@holarse habt ihr Affiliatelinks zu Humble Bundle, GOG etc. mit dem man euch Unterstützen kann?

Am Sonntag den 16.02.20 werden wir endlich mal unseren Server updaten. Rechnet damit das am Sonntag der Dienst immer mal weg sein wird.
Außerdem haben wir gerade einen News Artikel veröffentlicht den wir vergessen hatten :blobfoxlaughsweat:
On Sunday the 16.02.2020 finally we'll update our server. So expect some downtime on Sunday.
Also we published an article we forgot to publish last month :blobfoxlaughsweat:


One of my side-projects is an alternative #FDroid client resurrecting the classic UI from before the 1.0 release.

Here's the list of things still to be fixed before an initial release: gitlab.com/Bubu/fdroidclassic/

One of the missing pieces is a proper icon which should resemble a retro/lo-fi version of the F-Droid robot. Anyone up for giving this a go?
I'm not a designer, so if nobody steps up the icon will be replaced by programmer art before release :D.


RT @N_Wessinghage
Alternative, freie journalistische Medienangebote wie @medwatch_de@twitter.com, @uebermedien@twitter.com @riffreporter@twitter.com, freie Podcasts wie @LageNation@twitter.com @4000hertz@twitter.com @LilaPodcast@twitter.com @denkangebot@twitter.com bereichern die Medienlandschaft. Warum wir als Publikum sie mit finanzieren sollten: bit.ly/37j4icU

The #radicale project (selfhosting carddav/caldav solution) is currently looking for some new core maintainers.

If you would like to work on an awesome #opensource project and (in best case) you are familar with #python please join us.


Please re-toot and share it in your community if you want to help.

Hello, is a server update to version 3.0.1 planned anytime soon or are you skipping the 3.0.x updates? I couldn't find any information or toot on the long hold up.

We have a new episode out! This time we were joined by @Wimpy.

OggCamp 19 • United against trolls • Death of Linux on Dex • The Beeb on Tor • Ubuntu 19.10 and beyond • Inconceivable!


We've released the first updated to Hyperspace 1.0.0 today. This update should fix issues with instance validation.

Download the update here: github.com/hyperspacedev/hyper
Try Hyperspace here: hyperspaceapp.herokuapp.com
Support the project on Patreon: patreon.com/hyperspacedev

Time to update: Tor Browser 9.0, based on Firefox 68 ESR, is out now.

In addition to the needed patch rebasing and toolchain updates, we made big improvements to make Tor Browser work better for you.

Tor Browser is now available in 27 different languages -- including newly added Macedonian and Romanian.


Destination Linux 135 - Simon Steinbeiß of Xfce, Dalton Durst of UBports, KDE Apps 19.08, Huawei

Simon Steinbeiß of #Xfce = >xfce.org
Dalton Durst of #UBports (hosted) = >ubports.com
#KDE Applications 19.08 Released
#CutiePi Open Source Tablet
#Huawei Working To Create Open Source Foundation
#Rust Removes #Linux Support
#Stranded Deep Survival Game Fix
plus our Tips, Tricks and Software picks!

#linux #podcasts #linuxgaming

PSA: Free Speech doesn't mean everyone has to give you a platform. Moderating content isn't #censorship. The current discussion around #FDroid and gab has nothing to do with free speech at all.

If you want to distribute an app that no one else wants to host make your own repo.
If you have an opinion that isn't welcome anywhere else make your own blog.

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