Destination Linux 135 - Simon Steinbeiß of Xfce, Dalton Durst of UBports, KDE Apps 19.08, Huawei

Simon Steinbeiß of #Xfce = >
Dalton Durst of #UBports (hosted) = >
#KDE Applications 19.08 Released
#CutiePi Open Source Tablet
#Huawei Working To Create Open Source Foundation
#Rust Removes #Linux Support
#Stranded Deep Survival Game Fix
plus our Tips, Tricks and Software picks!

#linux #podcasts #linuxgaming

PSA: Free Speech doesn't mean everyone has to give you a platform. Moderating content isn't #censorship. The current discussion around #FDroid and gab has nothing to do with free speech at all.

If you want to distribute an app that no one else wants to host make your own repo.
If you have an opinion that isn't welcome anywhere else make your own blog.

You get annoyed by having to enter your #Mastodon handle each time you want to follow/interact with someone on a "foreign" page?

I got that too, but I've made a little add-on to solve this "problem". 😃

It automatically "redirects" you to your own instance.

#Firefox #addon #Fediverse @switchingsocial

The KDE family grows: Kaidan, the Kirigami-based Jabber chat client joins the Community:

OK friends of free and open/libre Android apps: My repo now also shows screenshots in the web browser, if there are any (and you use the web frontend). Should affect about any 2nd app. Enjoy!

Jo hi! Habe alle Eure Wünsche berücksichtigt (war nicht schwer, weil leider habt Ihr keine geschickt). Trotzdem noch etliches hinzugefügt, korrigiert etc. – und gerade eben die (vorerst) finale Fassung hochgeladen:

**Wer will, dass ich daran weiter arbeite: BOOST diesen TOOT!**

(Irgendwie muss ich doch mal Zahlen sehen…)

#Android #ebooks

SwagArch GNU/Linux 19.04

Change Log:

* Change from Xfce4 to Budgie Desktop environment
* New Gnome Software Stack 3.32 (Calendar, Gedit, evince ...)
* Kernel linux 5.0.6.arch1-1


Tags: #swagarch #gnu #linux #1904 #Budgie

We are proud to announce the immediate availability of #Solus 4 #Fortitude, a new major release of the Solus operating system. Check it out at

Radeon VII The Worlds First 7nm GPU - Linux Performance & First Impressions via @YouTube #Linux

"Datenschutz: Wie viel Bevormundung braucht der User? – Rechtsbelehrung Folge 64 (Jura-Podcast)"

Wir sprechen darüber, wer eigentlich "Schuld" am Adventskalender-Doxing (aka #Bundestagsleaks) ist. Wir, die Nutzer, Plattformanbieter oder der Staat, der den Datenschutz und die Privatsphäre strenger regulieren sollte?

mit Stargast @malteengeler und wie immer mit & @monoxyd.

Just finished ep2 of #choose #linux #podcast about phoronix test suite and openSUSE. I love the mix of positive and informed discussion!

I finally finished my set of Solar System emoji!

:sun_photo: The Sun
:mercury_photo: Mercury
:venus_photo: Venus
:earth_photo: The Earth
:moon_photo: The Moon
:mars_photo: Mars
:jupiter_photo: Jupiter
:saturn_photo: Saturn
:uranus_photo: Uranus
:neptune_photo: Neptune
:pluto_photo: Pluto

@5222 @frosch
Hi, ich glaube euer XMPP Server macht gerade ein Nickerchen. Könntet ihr denn mal kurz anstubsen?

Linux Mint, Mir, Peppermint, MX Linux, VirtualBox, Hacking Books, systemd, & more on Episode 48 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL48: Coreboot, GParted Live, Librem 5, HandBrake, Grep, Sed & much more!

#Linux @TuxDigital

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