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Some guy just screamed out at me in this gas station parking lot "pretty dress!!" which uh thank you

Every trans girl wants to be a witch but only I am a celestial star being from the far reaches of the galaxy imbued with cosmic power

She didn't know who Herb Alpert is, which is why I'm telling you, so someone knows I'm clever. Please think I'm clever.

Just called my wife "Perv Alpert and the Tijuana Brass"

There have been two deer and two turkeys that have been hanging out together in our backyard the last few days

One of my fondest movie going experiences was a few years ago when I saw London has Fallen and Gods of Egypt in theater on the same day. Gerard Butler wackiness

Keep singing the song "Hungry Heart" but changing the lyrics to be about my cat

Popping my head into just to remind everyone I remain the cutest girl on the instance

As far as I know Sabata is the only movie with a gun concealed in a banjo

One of my favorite LP moments was when @Jessica @Jessicacrets showed up and just declared herself ‘cutest girl on Laserdisc Party’ despite never having met anyone as far as I know, lol. Just incredibly powerful confidence.

I love how anti-rich spaghetti westerns are. If you're a rich dude in a spaghetti western you're a corrupt shithead who is bound to end up with a bullet between the eyes

The thing about spaghetti westerns is 1/3rd of all the heroes are named either Ringo or Django

If you love spaghetti westerns and watch ones besides the big popular ones, you get used to watching some real dogshit transfers (watching 1965's A Pistol for Ringo)

petition to make jessica (the sweetheart of mastodon) the next beloved meme

Do we really want degenerates like healyn and larry to be our memed figures? Or do we want beautiful, sweet and beloved personalities to be the face of our Masto Memes

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