@imani according to this the next size up is California King which is even more upsetting!!!!!!

fuuuuuuck also RIP Scott Walker, one of my favorite artists. from his art pop of the 60s to the strange electronic stuff in the 70s and 80s and his dark dives into his own psyche since the 90s on. a true genius who always followed an interesting path

@nicepersonality @Jessicacrets This is perfect because if my bed doesn't make my back feel like it was assassinated by seal team 6 I don't want to own it.

@vegetablegremlin he always gets some bonkers performances . MICHAEL MORIARTY!!!!

@Jessicacrets henceforth the mattresses shall be designated “Queen” and “Wide Queen.” For the menfolk, there shall be a new “Tactical” mattress which has the same dimensions as Wide Queen, but consists of a layer of Kevlar on top of concrete blocks.

@Jessicacrets it's the k ind of idiosyncratic characters that can only come from watching real people

@Jessicacrets like Q is on the one hand kind of a neat idea for a monster movie but what really breathes life into it is just the small ways everyone in it is so weird

RIP Larry Cohen. One of my faves....It Lives, God Told Me To, Q, Special Effects, The Stuff...all so great (and still so much I need to see). one of the true greats and proved you could make great movies on tiny little budgets

Robby organized hip-hop concerts with Reply Guy and Femme rappers, with a project called Corner Posters, with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts.

it makes me FURIOUS that the king size bed is bigger than the queen size. sexism!!!! queens deserve bigger beds than the wimpy little kings!!!!!

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catching up on the latest shit here and feeling justified in spending less time on this site jfc

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