Feel sexy again for the first time in months. I dont think it is but sorry in advance if this is too much! (Selfie of me in a nighty)

Replaying Twilight Princess and Breath of Wild. Thinking of maybe adding a 3rd Zelda to the mix for a replay

I played on gamecube the first time. Using my wife's wii copy for this replay and yeah I hate the wiimotes

Yeah I need to get back to it. I think I made it half way through?

Speaking of Zelda, I need to beat Breath of the Wild again. I beat it on Wii U, but then I bought it again when I got the Switch WITH the DLC and I still havent played it because I have to beat the whole thing again!

Twilight Princess and Skward Sword are both pretty good, but god do they feel like a step down compared to the console zeldas that both preceded and followed them

Oh they're bullshit for sure. They'll fuck you over every chance they get and then tell you it's your fault

Like it's such a trash thing to trap you in. Who would want to continue a lease indefinitely especially if it's the same monthly price to own the phone?

Normally I wouldnt bother but sprint snuck in some belligerent bullshit into their lease contracts (after 18 months, if you dont specify you want your lease payments going to the cost of owning the phone, they wont, even tho same monthly cost)

As someone who worked in call center customer service, you NEVER raise your voice at them. never work with you if you do that. You just calmly snake around their logic until you trap them. Also never ask for the supervisor. You sound like a turd. Let the supervisor come to you.

I am a call center zen master

I'm bad at most things, but my wife got to watch my beautiful verbal gymnastics as I calmly but forcefully talked Sprint into crediting me back 65 bucks for something I was technically in the wrong for (they were at first only going to do 20) and I've never been so proud of myself

I love the hell out of it. Cant believe it took me this long to finally own it.

Nintendo needs to release a collection of Paper Mario & Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door but they're cowards.

I breathlessly walked my wife through why I love Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages and now she's worried about me

Explaining poppers to my hapless straight friend before 10 am

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