just discovered that my dumbass cat chewed off part of our flogger and then puked it up

Sometimes my fiancee will unzip my dress for me before we go to bed, and then without asking will undo my bra and shiiiiiiit if that isn't a better feeling than the best sex I've ever had

def not the first person to say this, but it is amazing how pre-transition bras are kind of this object symbolizing (cultural) femininity that is taboo for you to wear, and then after you've been full time, like, a month you just always can't wait to take the fucking thing off

Just got home after a fun Saturday evening and so ready for bed!!! (selfie)

@SelfsameSynonym it was wonderful!!! we're also seeing Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition next month+

Saw the Kansas City Symphony perform Mahler's Third tonight!

@robotcarsley YOURE NOT SUPPOSED TO ASK THAT!!!!! (but I'm the frasier)

Adrienne is taking me to a really nice supper club and then the symphony. when she told me this i responded by saying "we're both frasiers now!!"

@SilencingTrees you and I both know you downed those in one go all by yourself

I'm watching Adrienne play the first Xenosaga and just being reminded I have no patience at all anymore jrpgs. Just get to the action!!!!!

@larrydavis @wintgenstein Haha yeah I have that Showcase collection. this would be a much better upgrade

fiancee: "death to the author"

me: "don't you mean 'death of the author?'"

fiancee: "no"

@cosmicevan evan what about the last 13 episodes of arrested development huh

@onemillionexplodingsuns people were trashing it???? why the hell would they do that? it's one of the only truly defining non-movie Iron Man stories. it's what....this and Armor Wars?

Read the Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle storyline for the first time today and love it. Tho it is funny, if that final issue, where Stark hits his low point and then with the help of friends bounces back over the course of a few weeks, would have been stretched out 6 or even 12 issues if it came out today. Bendis would have made it last 2 years.

since I've finished Sandman and Lucifer this is what I've decided to move on to as break before reading....uh...heavier stuff again

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