went to target to grab some workout clothes for something I have to do tomorrow but because I'm a dork I was legally required to take a selfie in their full length mirror

my backlog of new DC trades is starting to get to be too much. I need to catch up!

I keep a running ranking of every new release I see each year, and I've seen a bit less than usual, but ive still seen 22 US 2019 releases and only the top 5....maybe top 6 have resonated on any meaningful level for me. This year's movies are making me increasingly weary.

If there's a 2019 release that I don't have on here that you think I should check out, let me know.

Silly question, but I'm out and it's colder than I expected. Would the color of this top clash too much with the color of this cardigan that I have in my car. I refuse to commit a fashion faux pas.

Just got home after a fun Saturday evening and so ready for bed!!! (selfie)

Saw the Kansas City Symphony perform Mahler's Third tonight!

since I've finished Sandman and Lucifer this is what I've decided to move on to as break before reading....uh...heavier stuff again

I've almost finished my massive read through of Sandman and Lucifer (just 6 issues of Lucifer left) and I think after this It'll be time for a break from the heavier stuff and read a silly old superhero story again. maybe something from my marvel shelf?

Out here stunnin' the target moms while I buy a wedding gift for my yuppie friends

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Having a nice lazy day at home. Feel pretty for the first time in months

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