Trans people obsessed with building their followings on Twitter are the worst. Unlike me, who just screams like a child for more followers. The True Poster's Way

Playing your pettiness off as a "joke" is extremely healthy and good

my friends love getting together with me as I give a 3 hour dissertation on "Can You Guess Which Bitch Has More Followers Than Me Now???"

I'm 29 and and very excited to see just how bitter I am by 39



I don't mean to be cheeky... but why do you want more followers?

@smays it's a joke but comes from a real place of thinking more followers means more people like me while simultaneously thinking anyone with a lot of followers is a pandering shill. complicated emotions!


I’ve fantasized about having just one really famous follower. Like Meryl Streep or Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee. A statement, no?

@smays I have a few mildly famous followers but yes I want at least one big one lol


I gotta ask...
What is "mildly famous?"
Just one example, please.

@smays mildly famous is probably putting too much on it. I'm followed by a semi well known film critic, a critically acclaimed cartoonist and the guy who co-wrote the screenplay for die hars


I'm trying to recall how we knew we were worthy and loved before the internet. Christmas cards is all that comes to mind.


It did, but in very small quantities. You could put everyone that really loved you in the back seat of your Chevy.

@Jessicacrets if that wasn't the right way to post, Jessica wouldn't do it

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