RIP Larry Cohen. One of my faves....It Lives, God Told Me To, Q, Special Effects, The Stuff...all so great (and still so much I need to see). one of the true greats and proved you could make great movies on tiny little budgets

@Jessicacrets like Q is on the one hand kind of a neat idea for a monster movie but what really breathes life into it is just the small ways everyone in it is so weird

@Jessicacrets it's the k ind of idiosyncratic characters that can only come from watching real people

@Jessicacrets then ypuo've got david carradine just sorta dropping lines like "i gotta take my birth control pills"

@vegetablegremlin he always gets some bonkers performances . MICHAEL MORIARTY!!!!

@Jessicacrets i mean michael moriarty, i didn't even want to start talking about him because where can you stop

@Jessicacrets one oft he most surprising things was learning that C.H.U.D. had no Larry Cohen involvement

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