it makes me FURIOUS that the king size bed is bigger than the queen size. sexism!!!! queens deserve bigger beds than the wimpy little kings!!!!!

@Jessicacrets henceforth the mattresses shall be designated “Queen” and “Wide Queen.” For the menfolk, there shall be a new “Tactical” mattress which has the same dimensions as Wide Queen, but consists of a layer of Kevlar on top of concrete blocks.

@nicepersonality @Jessicacrets This is perfect because if my bed doesn't make my back feel like it was assassinated by seal team 6 I don't want to own it.

@Jessicacrets isn't the next size up from a king bed called empress though?

@imani according to this the next size up is California King which is even more upsetting!!!!!!

@Jessicacrets hmm it looks like empress does not exist I've been misled and now I too am upset.

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